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Aitan Masters “Rock Baby Red” with Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie’s

LA Pop Heartthrob Follows Smash Single “Coming in Quick”

Pictured at Bernie Grundman Mastering are (L-R) mix engineer Aussie Philosophy, recording artist Aitan, and mastering engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner. Photo by David Goggin.

LA native and smooth rocker Aitan has mastered his new single “Rock Baby Red” with mastering engineer Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. Mix engineer Aussie Philosophy joined in the session for the much anticipated follow-up to Aitan’s searing dance hit “Coming In Quick.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Aitan shows a keen sense of style and cosmopolitan attitude, as seen in his Kevin Safyari-directed video for “Coming in Quick.” A multi-instrumentalist and sharp singer/songwriter, Aitan has garnered a devoted following for his music and his riveting noir performance style.

“Rock Baby Red” is slated for fourth quarter release, to

be followed in early 2011 with a multi-song EP of material currently being recorded.

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