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Basement Jaxx Get Everything They Need From PMC’s result6 Monitors

Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton, collectively known as Basement Jaxx, have invested in PMC’s new result6 compact nearfield reference monitors for their private studios in London.

“Our result6 speakers tell us everything we need to know to make great music,” Simon Ratcliffe says.

After starting out as underground producers and party promoters in 1995, Ratcliffe and Buxton have gone on to sell more than three million albums worldwide, including the legendary Basement Jaxx debut album Remedy and 2005’s double platinum UK No.1 collection The Singles. They have also notched up two BRIT Awards and a Grammy for their third album Kish Kish.

Alongside their studio recordings, the pair have developed a remarkable live act that features musicians, singers and dazzling visuals. This has graced The Hollywood Bowl (twice), rocked 30,000 party people in Hyde Park, London, and headlined both the Main Stage & The Other Stage (twice) at Glastonbury.

Ratcliffe and Buxton use their private studios to explore different musical avenues including collaborations with other artists and scores for film projects. They also have their own label, Atlantic Jaxx Recordings. During 2018 they will be working on music for a TV show for ITV and producing (and co-writing with) new artists. They will also be DJ’ing around the world, including an Ibiza residency for Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza.

PMC’s new two-way active result6 loudspeakers, which were launched at AES New York in October 2017, are notching up plenty of sales and some impressive reviews. End users are praising their high resolution and detail, accurate and extended bass, consistent tonal balance on all levels and wide dispersion and sweet spot –attributes that PMC has distilled into an affordable nearfield reference with the emphasis on elegant simplicity.

For more information about the result6, please follow this link to PMC’s website where full details are available:


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