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C éline 2012 autumn and winter series inspired by senior antique car interiors

Celine Bags As you enter an exquisite luxury sedan, its texture and power ” is Cé line creative director Phoebe Philo in Fall 2011 series depicted in the picture. C éline 2011 autumn and winter series inspired by senior antique car interiors, industrialized concept in minimalist contour, neat cutting and splicing fabric wrapped under, deduced capably, elegant, dare to challenge the urban female image, as if at any time you can take a seat, enjoying a fast gallop brought fresh stimulus.

In the Celine Handbags 2012 winter series, creative director Phoebe Philo a lot of design inspiration from the luxury car interior decoration. Playful grainy prints to the dashboard of the vehicle for inspiration, interesting and full of retro and elegant temperament, one set of Look also uses two kinds of wood splicing, have great originality. Sweater collar reminiscent of car cushion, the effect of 3D belt such as belts, creative.

Agile Celine Outlet, accurate proportion, sharp cutting, showing a sharp stereo slim profile. The coat has joined the internal binding, in the chest is fixed, the graceful bearing of open coat appearance. Jacket and skirt internal joined the ” coque ” shell structure, in order to further create a volume and profile. Through the fabric, color contrast, details of clothing the appearance of 3D effects, including badges, collar, cuff, tubular.