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San Diego, CA – May 2008… Carvin, the name musicians everywhere look to for high quality guitars, basses, instrument amplifiers, recording equipment, and sound reinforcement (SR) products, proudly introduces the new EM900 In Ear Monitor System. Designed for performing musicians, this versatile, high performance monitor system combines world-class sound quality with a wealth of features, including PLL (phase lock loop) electronics, balanced XLR inputs, and rugged metal housings that deliver years of dependable performance.

Ideal for both on stage use and rehearsals, the EM900 In Ear Monitor System is a terrific alternative to cumbersome floor monitor wedges—facilitating greater freedom of movement while enabling one to hear everything in either high fidelity mono or stereo. Performers can use as many as 16 complete EM900 systems simultaneously on stage and any number of EM901 stereo receivers on the same frequency.

Carvin’s new EM900 In Ear Monitor System delivers full 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response for the most natural audio quality possible—enabling the full dynamic range of the monitored signal to sound exactly as it should. To further ensure the most natural sounding audio quality, the EM900 includes a built-in limiter that keeps the sound quality of the monitored signal pure and intelligible—enabling the performer to hear like never before, even at lower volume levels. To further ensure pristine audio quality, this versatile monitoring system uses a PLL design that effectively eliminates annoying static without the need for a squelch control.

Operating the new EM900 couldn’t be more intuitive. With 960 automatic scanning channels, finding an open frequency is never a challenge, even in RF (radio frequency) rich environments. Similarly, the EM900’s transmitter features balanced XLR inputs for accommodating noise and hum free input signals—further ensuring superior audio performance. With clear, easy to read LCD displays on both the transmitter and beltpack receiver—including a low battery indicator—working with Carvin’s EM900 is a pleasure.

The new EM901 receiver offers a personal Pan control that facilitates the mix of two independent signals—either mono or stereo. As a result, each performer can adjust a 2 channel mix in their ears. The EM900 In Ear Monitor System includes flat response earbuds with three sizes of soft earbud tips to ensure the proper fit and comfort. The system uses braided cable and clear driver enclosures for reduced audience visibility. Combined with rugged aluminum enclosures—not plastic like some competing systems— for both the transmitter and beltpack receiver, Carvin’s EM900 In Ear Monitor System is built to provide years of dependable service.

Carson Kiesel, President of Carvin Corporation, commented on the company’s new EM900 In Ear Monitor System, “The new EM900 In Ear Monitor System delivers the features performing musicians require. With superior sound quality, a rich feature set, and easy operation in even the most crowded RF environments, the EM900 provides a superior monitoring experience. As a wireless system, the EM900 is a great alternative to floor wedge monitors and provides musicians greater freedom of movement on stage. I’m confident the EM900 will appeal to a broad range of performers.�

The new Carvin EM900 In Ear Monitor System carries a factory direct price of $399.99. The EM900 is available now.

About Carvin
Since its launch in 1946, Carvin has specialized in building and selling high quality musical instrument products direct to the consumer. The company’s innovative factory-direct approach has grown from a catalog mail order service into a large-scale manufacturing / retail business with a strong Internet presence. Today, Carvin customers can instantly purchase everything from customized, handcrafted instruments to tour-ready professional audio systems. With more than 60 years of achievement, Carvin continues to grow its relationship with musicians worldwide by offering an extensive range of guitars, basses, instrument amps, recording, and P.A. products. To order, visit us online at or call 800-854-2235.