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Chris Lord-Alge Holds Masterclass at Vintage King LA

Multiple Grammy Award-winning producer and mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge recently held court at Vintage King Los Angeles.

Mixing Techniques and Exploration of Waves Plugins

Pictured at Vintage King Los Angeles are (foreground L-R) VK Sales Mgr. Jeffrey Ehrenberg, Waves Rep Scott D. Ray, Chris Lord-Alge, and his assistant recording engineer Austin Seltzer. Photo by David Goggin.

Multiple Grammy Award-winning producer and mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge recently held court at Vintage King Los Angeles. The “Lord of the Mix” presented an intimate workshop, exploring his mixing techniques and the use of his Waves plugin bundles: CLA Compressors and the Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series.

True classics stand the test of time and Lord-Alge is a true classic. Over the course of a career spanning almost three decades, he has worked alongside many artists who are classics in their own right: Green Day. U2. Dave Matthews Band. Tim McGraw. Brian Setzer. Peter Frampton. Tina Turner. Rod Stewart. Steve Winwood. James Brown. Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. And many others.

Vintage King Los Angeles Sales Mgr. Jeffrey Ehrenberg commented, “Vintage King Audio and Chris Lord-Alge’s studio Mix LA have had a long time cooperative relationship.  We are excited to come together to give back to the recording and music community with an educational experience like no other, learning from a master of the craft of making records.”

A spontaneous presentation by the dynamic Lord-Alge is always a treat and never predictable. He doesn’t use a script and each of his workshops is packed with the absolute latest technical info and mixing strategies. He commented at the end of his talk, “Let’s ride the ‘Wave’ to the next generation.”

Chris Lord-Alge Compressors
Waves and Lord-Alge have joined forces to create impeccable models of four compressors considered true classics by audio engineers the world over: CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76 Blacky & CLA-76 Bluey.

Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series
Six application-specific all-in-one multi-effect processing chain audio plugins.
Dedicated plugins for vocals, guitars, bass, drums and more.

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