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Clair Solutions Offers Its Impressive Line Card of Equipment Directly to Wider Audience

MANHEIM, PENNSYLVANIA: Since its inception in 1989, Clair Solutions has built its reputation as one of the smartest and innovative installation companies in the industry. Working regularly with some of the most prestigious venues in the country, it has always been mission-critical for the company to recommend and install the highest quality equipment brands the world has to offer. Their position as an installation leader garners Clair Solutions access to an all-encompassing swath of gear, which in turn allows them to sell the same gear directly to new customers, no middleman needed.

“We’ve been selling equipment post-installation to our biggest clients all along,” explains Joe Bunting, vice president of sales at Clair Solutions, “so we thought we should offer the same opportunity to buy a la carte equipment, new or used, to everyone.” Adds Jimm Cash, equipment sales coordinator at Clair Solutions, “Both our line card of equipment manufacturers and staff of expert engineers rival any in the industry. It’s exciting to offer potential customers such as churches, theaters, music clubs, school auditoriums, and even touring bands, the same selection of top brand gear and industry knowledge that they may not otherwise have access to. Whether you’re just looking for a couple pieces of gear or for a full package of turn-key products, we’ve got you covered.”

Those top brands include Shure, Yamaha, Sony, ETC, Midas, Listen Technologies and Ross Video, just to name a few. “What we’re offering is an alternative choice that gives a larger audience direct access to international brands that may not be available to them otherwise,” notes Mr. Cash. “Not only do our customers have access to our extensive line card, they’re also getting a really good deal thanks to our buying power.”

To see the full Clair Solutions line card and to learn more about buying equipment directly, today, or call Jimm Cash at (717) 665-4000 (x116)

ABOUT CLAIR SOLUTIONS Clair Solutions is an international leader in audio, video, theatrical lighting, rigging and control systems integration, offering a variety of services from sales and support to installation and design for performance venues, houses of worship, sports facilities, educational/corporate facilities, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and cruise ships. Clair Solutions has achieved worldwide acclaim with a reputation of first-rate service and technical excellence, while remaining firmly dedicated to the hometown philosophies that have been the cornerstone of the company’s success. Offices located in Pennsylvania, Texas and Tennessee serve a national and international customer base.