"Copytimer.com" Debuts at 2009 NAB


New Web-Based Software Lets Writers Craft and Control Spoken Script Length

Beaverton, OR - April 17, 2009 - At the 2009 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas, Copytimer.com(tm) software will be unveiled to the public. Copytimer.com is a new web-based software application that calculates the time it takes to read a script. Writers simply choose any of the included script formats: TV/video, film, or plain text, and then paste or type in copy, Copytimer.com instantly calculates the spoken length of the script to the hundredth of a second.

Designed for streamlining the process of writing scripts with specific spoken lengths, such as 30-second radio or TV commercials or television shows with 8-minute segments, Copytimer.com can reasonably predict the length of any spoken audio recording before it gets recorded, based on the script.

The Copytimer.com software offers 3 different speech speeds and converts English and Spanish text to calculated read times. Other features include downloading the script as a PDF or Word Doc, printing directly from the timer, and saving a script to an account to be accessed at a later time.

The new software will be offered on subscription basis for $19.99US per month. As the software will be evolving and adding new capabilities, subscribers automatically get access to updates at no extra charge. As a web-based application, Copytimer.com can be accessed from any location and by all involved in a production.

"In my 40 years in the radio business I always dreamed of a fast efficient way to time copy, and now that we have found Copytimer it has given us back many hours of lost time each week dealing with long copy. Copytimer is a life saver," said Bob Ancheta, Owner of Internetjock.com, who is testing the new software.

The Copytimer.com software can be seen at NAB Booth: C155N, April 20-23, 2009 in Las Vegas. Copytimer.com is also currently available as a free 30-day demo. For more information visit the website at Copytimer.com or call (866) 973-8283 to speak with a representative.

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