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Crane Song Debuts Updated Egret at AES, Completing the Transition to “Quantum DA: Fifth Generation Converter Technology” in all Crane Song Digital Hardware Products

Superior, Wisconsin (September 7, 2016) —Crane Song (AES Booth #1123) is pleased to announce that their entire line of digital hardware products has been updated to take advantage of their proprietary 5th generation Digital to Analog converter technology. With its AES debut, the Egret 8 Channel D/A Converter / Summing Mixer joins the Avocet monitor controller, the HEDD 192 AD/DA converter, and Solaris standalone digital to analog converter to complete the line up of Crane Song products equipped with Crane Song’s Quantum DAC. The Quantum DAC uses a 32-bit converter and asynchronous sample rate conversion for jitter reduction with up sampling to 211 KHz. The reference clock uses a proprietary reconstruction filter for accurate time domain response; and with jitter less than 1pS, Quantum DAC has the lowest published jitter values in the industry.

“I have done several years of measurable analysis and subjective listening in the development of this technology; the Quantum series DAC is the most accurate that I have ever designed,” explains Crane Song founder and developer Dave Hill. “Typical jitter from 10Hz to 20 KHz from the internal clock is 0.055pS and from 1 Hz to 100KHz it is less than 1pS. The result is a very 3D sound that is exceptionally transparent and accurate.”

The Crane Song 5th generation Quantum DAC has been shipping in Avocet IIA since November, 2015, and in April, 2016 Crane Song quietly updated the HEDD 192. As of AES show the Egret will be shipping with the upgraded DAC.  This completes the updating of the DACs in all Crane Song digital hardware.

Egret is a highly flexible digital audio workstation back end. It contains eight channels of high quality Quantum D/A converters and a stereo line level mixer with color options to help bring analog summed digital mixes to life. Each channel of the stereo mixer has a level control, an aux send (which is post level control), a color control, and a pan control. Each channel also contains an analog / digital source button, and solo – mute buttons. The color function is adjustable from a transparent sound to a complex mix of second and third harmonic content, creating the possibility of having clean modern sounds mixed with vintage sounds.

DAC upgrades are available for previous generation Crane song digital hardware products.

See Crane Song at AES in Los Angeles at Booth # 1123 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sept 29-Oct 1, 2016.

About Crane Song

Crane Song began in 1995 by Dave Hill and the company edict is all about loyalty – loyalty to their valuable employees, to the audio industry and especially to supporting their local community in Superior, Wisconsin.  The company currently has eight full time employees, three of whom were with the company since its doors opened a decade ago. Today, Crane Song has a dealer network which covers the United States, Canada, Australia, as well as throughout Europe and Asia. All Crane Song products, including their compressors, limiters, digital signal processors, converters, mic preamps and plug-ins are manufactured to the highest-quality sonic standards. All Crane Song products come with a lifetime warranty; however, the company has serviced less than 2% of any of its products – once a product leaves the Crane Song warehouse, it works so well that its manufacturer rarely sees it again.