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Delta H Design, Inc Announces the NEW ZR Acoustics® Demo Room

Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces the NewZR Acoustics® Demo Room. DHDI’s Critical Listening Room features 3 re-engineered products up to 68% lighter and 17% thinner while still being unchallenged in acoustic resolution and imaging.

The new ZR Acoustics® Demo Room is the precise blend of Phase Accuracy and Extreme Acoustic Resolution resulting in ZR’s Iconic Life-Like Imaging; 100% Phase Coherency equals 100% Clarity and Definition. All devices deliver Quantum AcousticsTM Technology in a lightweight, transportable and reusable form. DHDI products are known for their transparent mix translation and wall-to-wall sweet spots. Evolved from the legendary ZR Permanent Construction Studios built for Mike Shipley and Universal Mastering West, ZR devices are miniaturized, high resolution products with Immersive Sound and Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots. (with a minimum of 75%+ Surface Area Coverage).

DHDI Products Featured in the ZR Acoustics Critical Listening Room

  • ZR SR24+ V3.0 | 68% Lighter | 16.5% Thinner | 450+ NPS/ft.2
  • ZR SR8+ V2.0 | 57% Lighter | 16.5% Thinner | 315+ NPS/ft.2
  • ZR Micro Twin V3.0 | 44% Lighter | 20% Thinner | 140+ NPS/ft.2
  • ZR SR8 Bit (& ZR SR8 Prototype)
  • ZR SR24 Bit (& ZR SR24 Prototype)
  • ZR SR12 Bit 

ZR Acoustics® iconic performance characteristics include:

Life-Like Imaging, Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots, Acoustic Cloaking, Extreme Acoustic Resolution. 

Aesthetic Options are the most elegant in the industry with an array of hundreds of pre-approved acoustical textiles and colors. 

DHDI’s Principal Designer and CEO Hanson Hsu commented, “We are proud to showcase the latest evolution of ZR devices with the best pro audio devices: Westlake Lc8.1 Monitors with Stereo Dual 10” subs and the Prism Atlas Recording Interface with MDIO expansion. As our design team continues to create thinner, lighter ZR devices, they also continue to be the only acoustical device able to render rooms inaudible. As always DHDI is committed to improving the planet through Acoustics and Architecture.”

ZR Acoustics® Listening Demo’s are available upon request. 

For more information regarding ZR Acoustics® Devices please visit DHDI website at or contact us at [email protected] All ZR Acoustics® Devices are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as Lift AV and GC Pro.