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Milford, NH – July 2010… Earthworks, Inc., a leading manufacturer of High Definition Microphones™ for recording, live sound, test/measurement, and installed sound is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new website. Complete with easy-to-find product information, a striking contemporary visual aesthetic, and a wide range of media clips, the new Earthworks website is a must visit destination for musicians and audio professionals in search of comprehensive information regarding the company’s product offerings.

Visual appeal is critical to any website and, on that note, the new Earthworks site excels. Upon arriving at, visitors will likely first notice two key areas: a variety of alternating artist/engineer profiles and, directly beneath, four regions that list the company’s products by category. By simply clicking on the artist/engineer image (or clicking “Learn More�), visitors are directed to articles that share tips, tricks, and the subject’s reasoning for deploying a particular Earthworks product. Combined with a dedicated Featured Artists section, the new site contains an impressive amount of artist/engineer material. Similarly, the new product categories—Recording, Live Performance, Measurement, and Installations—list those products best suited for a particular application and make it easy to zero in on the “right tool for the job.�

When visiting an individual product page, visitors will be impressed with the new website’s wealth of information, sound clips, and video. Here, one can quickly access product specifications, key features, user manuals, related accessories, informative videos, sound clips, plus a glimpse of artists and others who use that particular product. Making an informed purchase decision has never been easier.

From the site’s Media Room, visitors can select to peruse the company’s press releases, product reviews, download product brochures, and more. The Media Room also features photo albums that showcase pictures taken by Earthworks employees that cannot be found anywhere else. In the Multimedia section, there’s a fascinating collection of videos, including several with Earthworks company founder David Blackmer that provide real insight into his technical and philosophical approach to audio. Similarly, accessing product images, company logos, and s are but a few clicks away.

Once a prospective customer has determined which Earthworks product is best suited to their application, finding an authorized Earthworks dealer has never been easier. By clicking “Where to Buy�, visitors are taken to a page where the entry of a ZIP code or the selection of a city/state plus the radius (how far one is willing to travel) yields a map listing the dealers in the specified area. Clicking the red flags presents the dealer’s name and full contact information.

Another noteworthy enhancement of the new Earthworks website is the new blog and social media links. From here, visitors can easily learn how other Earthworks customers are using their products, offer advice, and seek additional information via the company’s Facebook, MySpace, Vimeo, and YouTube pages.

Michael Hurwitz, Earthworks National Sales / Artist Relations Manager, commented on the company’s new website. “The new Earthworks website is fantastic,� Hurwitz proclaimed. “Finding the best product for one’s particular application has never been easier and the selection process is readily supported by testimonials, product reviews, specifications, owner’s manuals, and more. The site’s visual appeal is contemporary, easy on the eyes, and the abundance of audio and video material makes one’s time spent online both informative and rewarding. There’s a wealth of information, it’s a snap to find, and the ability to locate a nearby Earthworks dealer has never been easier. I’m confident prospective customers will find much to like.�

About Earthworks, Inc.
Earthworks is a New Hampshire, U.S.A. based manufacturer of High Definition Microphones that is dedicated to quality and sonic excellence. Each Earthworks product is handmade with great care, meticulous attention to detail, and a strong emphasis on quality. Earthworks prides itself in making only the very best in professional audio equipment intended for mission critical sound applications. For additional information, visit the company online at