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HOLLYWOOD — EASTWEST, an exclusive US distributor of Best Service products, is helping to bring users into a whole new sound universe with Convolution Space, a sonic landscape collection. Convolution is the first soundware to offer innovative Convolution-Based Spectral Recombination technology.

Produced by world-renown Swedish producer, Magnus Lindberg, Convolution Space features 8.5 GB of handcrafted stereo and 5.1 surround textures. Equipped with a Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player, users can combine the 625 instruments to create unique soundscapes and atmospheres using Convolution-Based Spectral Recombination. With over 15 years of experience as a sound designer, creating esoteric sound designs for clients such as Microsoft, Nokia, MTV, Steinberg, and Native Instruments, Lindberg was able to develop a collection that can be adapted to all kinds of atmospheres. Types of sounds featured in the collection include:
• Abstract: Metaphysical and esoteric sounds.
• Emotional: Sounds that evoke emotion from pleasing, to sad, to ecstatic.
• Fantasy: Magical and otherworldly —these are sounds for the imagination.
• Mental: Sounds of the states of mind; ranging from psychotic to the spiritual and psychedelic.
• Scary: Provides horror soundtracks with all the sinister and malice they require.
• Sci-Fi: Helping to bring the feel of the future and all of its technology to your high-concept soundscapes.
• Underground: Provides a feeling that is dark and devoid of hope.
• Deep & Rumble: Earth shattering and relentless in the pursuit of deeper realms.
• Structures: These eerie and strange sounds give the feeling of places you normally avoid.
• Technology: The imaginary sounds of communicating CPU’s, searchlights and other futuristic machines.

“The technology involved in Convolution Space is complex and yet the software is very simple to use,â€? says Doug Rogers, CEO of EASTWEST. “Simply select an instrument, play it on a keyboard and tweak it with the ModWheel – and the texture being played suddenly starts transforming into something completely different, providing users with endless combinations.â€?
Convolution Space retails for $260.00. For more information on Convolution Space, visit the EASTWEST website,