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RA, Symphonic Choirs and Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Now Powered by PLAY

ANAHEIM, CA, JANUARY 15, 2009 — EASTWEST, the leading soundware developer and distributor, has added two more of its popular collections into the PLAY lineup – Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs, the first virtual instrument to offer complete control over a choir’s words and sound, and Quantum Leap RA, a collection of rare and unique instruments from Africa, Europe, India, the Americas, Australia, the Far East, the Middle East and the Turkish Empires. Joining Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, PLAY-powered versions of these company favorites will be introduced at NAMM 2009 (Booth 6630, Hall A).

The PLAY engine offers new features never before seen in previous versions of these collections. For the first time with QUANTUM LEAP RA “PLAY� EDITION, users will have more control over the sounds offered in the collection along with the ability to load even more instruments than ever before. These options allow for additional expression – a key element when working with ethnic instruments.

With EASTWEST Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs PLAY Edition running off of PLAY, users will be able to experience perfect harmony between PLAY and the collection’s WordBuilder software. PLAY aids with the setup process of WordBuilder, making it easier for users to take full advantage of this feature. This unique software gives musicians complete control over what the voices in the collection sing. Users simply type in the words that they would like to hear the choir sing in any language or key they require. The language and key combinations are limitless.

“Now with the incorporation of our advanced PLAY sample engine, with its built-in sensing technology that monitors a player’s style and adjusts the software and sounds accordingly, users will experience a level of detail that was lacking in the previous versions of these collections,� says EASTWEST Founder and Producer Doug Rogers. “The engine also offers a more streamlined means of using the WordBuilder software. This combined with the other features offered by PLAY, users are able to make their projects come to life with range and emotion.�

Now with the PLAY sample engine, users of EASTWEST Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs PLAY Edition and Quantum Leap RA will have access to many new features including:
• 64-bit* with 32-bit compatibility for PC (*see system specifications).
• Full memory access with MAC (requires 64-bit MAC).
• Mac Intel compatibility.
• An intuitive custom interface.
• Intelligent performance section including portamento, repetition, legato
• Features round robin reset.
• Offers improved articulation window and controls.
• On-screen Mic position mixing (Choirs only).
• Switchable 24-bit/16-bit depth.
• State-of-the-art convolution reverb with pre-delay.
• Convolution reverb includes the hall the choir was recorded in (Choirs only).
• An intelligent release trail engine that follows note-on samples volume at all times.
• Improved sound quality with high-resolution audio engine.
• Hi-fidelity one pole filter for natural cross-fades.
• Stereo image editing is now possible using channel sourcing.
• The instruments/voices featured in the PLAY Editions are newly-programmed for PLAY from the original recordings.

Since 1988, EASTWEST ( has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality, setting the industry standard as the #1 producer and distributor of sample CDs and virtual (software) instruments. With over 30 years’ experience in the audio industry, founder and producer Doug Rogers has the expertise in music production to understand the creative tools professional musicians need. The recipient of numerous gold and platinum records including Recording Engineer of the Year, and over 50 international awards, Rogers is featured in The Art of Digital Music: 56 Visionary Artists and Insiders by David Battino and Kelli Richards.

QUANTUM LEAP is a wholly owned division of EASTWEST. Quantum Leap Virtual Instruments are mostly produced by multiple award-winning producer and composer Nick Phoenix. Some of the larger productions, such as Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs are co-produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix.