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Focal Releases New “Alpha 80 Evo”, “Alpha Twin Evo” and “Sub One” Subwoofer

Two new affordable powered studio monitors and subwoofer are released to complete the Alpha Evo lineup, designed for musicians, composers, and engineers

Montreal, Canada — February 1, 2022  — Today Focal has announced that it is shipping three new studio products, the Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo powered monitors, and the Sub One subwoofer. Focal completes its Alpha Evo line with these new monitors combined with the 2021 release of the Alpha 50 Evoand Alpha 65 Evoand introduces a brand-new subwoofer to match the line: Sub One. The Sub One pairs seamlessly with both the Alpha Evo and Shape monitor lines. The Alpha Evo line and Sub One are a perfect match for musicians, composers, and engineers. With new features and technologies as well as a fresh design, the Alpha Evo line delivers unrivaled performance at an affordable price point, enhancing the French brand’s position as a benchmark for professional studios. The three new Focal products will be available for orders through retailers in the US and Canada in February 2022, and have suggested retail prices of Alpha 80 Evo $549. USD each ($1098 a pair), Alpha Twin Evo $659. USD each ($1318 a pair), and Sub One $999. USD each.

Alpha Evo is Multi-Purpose
Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo join Alpha 50 Evo and Alpha 65 Evo, released last year. With the line now complete, Focal is fully equipped to meet the needs of professionals looking for high volume and rich low-frequency extension. Alpha Evo monitors stand out with excellent sound reproduction with their Slatefiber cone — made by Focal in France from recycled carbon-fiber — their laminar ports, and their technical reliability. Founded in Saint-Etienne, the Focal brand has developed over 40-years of expertise in sound to create the new Alpha Evo line offering perfect sonic coherence for a large sweet spot.

All Focal Alpha Evo

Versatile Tools of the Trade
Evo stands for Evolution. Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo boast a new 1/4″ (6.35mm) TRS jack input, a user dis-engageable automatic standby power mode, and on Alpha 80 Evo: inserts for wall and ceiling mounting. This truly versatile range excels for every type of musician, for composers of any style of music, and for recording and mix engineers. The fully analog monitors are equipped with two class D amplifiers whose high-current capacity allows full control of signal dynamics. The amplifiers also offer high volumes without distortion. Alpha Evo loudspeakers reveal the smallest details in any mix.

Design and Cabinets
The new monitors feature a 5/8-inch thick (15mm) MDF cabinet and incorporate internal braces to ensure minimal vibration, even at the highest levels of acoustic pressure. The bass-reflex design, with a new larger cabinet vent, has been created to ensure easy acoustic integration in even the most cramped studio spaces. In terms of aesthetics, the traditional cube monitor design makes way for Evo’s rounded contours and the side panels create a robust and modern design that contributes to excellent sound and a unique and harmonious signature look across the Focal collection. And with integrated mounting points, the new Alpha Evo line is perfect for building an affordable immersive mixing system.

“Sub One” – The Long-Awaited Focal Subwoofer
Sub One, with its 200 watts (RMS) amp, is one of the most anticipated products in the 2022 Focal Professional collection and is a testament to the Focal spirit of innovation. Thanks to its precision and extremely low distortion, Sub One provides an ideal partner for any of the monitor models from both the Alpha Evo and Shape powered monitor lines for a 2.1 system, as well as a perfect match for any multi-monitor immersive sound setup. For the Sub One’s speaker drivers, Focal engineers have chosen double-skinned Slatefiber cones: the two aligned cones offer even greater rigidity, ideal for a powerful subwoofer. And Sub One is easily positioned in the studio thanks to its front-firing ports.

Focal Sub One

Driver specifications:
Alpha Twin Evo – Dual 6.5-inch Slatefiber Woofers; 1-inch Aluminum inverted dome Tweeter
Alpha 80 Evo – 8-inch Slatefiber Woofer; 1-inch Aluminum inverted dome Tweeter
Sub One  – Dual 8-inch Slatefiber Woofers

The three new Focalproducts will be available for orders through retailers in the US and Canada in February 2022, and have suggested retail prices of Alpha 80 Evo $549. USD each Alpha Twin Evo $659. USD each, and Sub One $999. USD each.

See more on the complete Alpha Evo powered studio monitor line and the Sub One subwoofer at Focal Professional:

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