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ghd straighteners the title of King

In Spain, only a medium price,cheap ghd, each twice the average around 60 Euro shop, where go-line, but with Italy, the French brand for $ 100 price, in the Western market is ghd ghd has Madrid, Barcelona. This as the domestic price is high, but the business has sales fall a part in the agent of the bag. Talking about the difference in price ghd the week strong attractiveness of the brand without each other. Also on the domestic market, the and also the domestic brand to be successful. In Wenzhou,ghd hair straightener, cheapghdstraightenerstorez / Guangzhou, Jinliang three ghd Center, Wenzhou which holds Ministry of light industry of the ghd brand, exhibited is the title of which King leading largest leather, ghd and common nominated Jiangsu send; in 10 retain the title of King of ghd, ghd half of the seats. But ghd competitiveness and brand advantage did not allow, that consumers know, but also on the the negative impression remain ghd low price and low quality. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, ghd Polo brand shown cognitive differences directly in the price, and price is other world-famous brands in 500 yuan of above ghd price more in 200.300 yuan, Wenzhou famous ghd brand can be only intermediate level. In recent years, Wenzhou, which reversed early start, take a vacation is peddling a holiday, as red the long-term negative effects that reaches milestone, domestic ghd market takes a share of 20% at the same time, ghd export rapid growth.