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Guitar Technician Mat Giordano Unifies Breaking Benjamin’s Cable Lineup with ProCo Sound for Co-Headlining U.S. Tour

JACKSON, MO, OCTOBER 25, 2016 ― Breaking Benjamin – American rock band founded by lead singer and guitarist, Benjamin Burnley – wrapped up their co-headlining tour The Nocturnal Underground, alongside Korn, across the United States to promote their Dark Before Dawn album. Guitar technician for the band and industry professional Mat Giordano exclusively uses  ProCo Sound, an RHC Audio brand, as his cable company of choice for every tour. 

The Nocturnal Underground tour, which began at the end of September and concluded in October, was the final leg of Breaking Benjamin’s promotion of their fifth studio album – the first album to be released in six years. Earlier this year, Breaking Benjamin also made appearances throughout Europe and toured with other well-known artists like heavy metal band, Disturbed. With this being the first time the band traveled overseas, Giordano knew he could trust his ProCo cables and snake boxes to withstand the trip as well as guarantee superb performance so he could focus strictly on logistical design of the set.

For each show set-up, Giordano installs a run of cables to the custom designed snake boxes and sub snake boxes to help reduce cable tension and strengthen the audio received from the instruments, speakers, microphones and amps. He also patches in the boxes to send about 40 or more signals of audio out. ProCo’s cables require less set-up time and can be used on longer runs than conventional cables and when paired with sub snake boxes, help to declutter the stage.

“From the instruments to the speakers, we’re using ProCo cables and sub snake boxes,” says Giordano. “Although we use a number of ProCo cables, the company recently created a custom loom for us that has a main snake box for the drum kit with other sub snake boxes for stage left and stage right that everything feeds into. It’s pretty unique because it was built and designed for our stage set-up.”

By implementing ProCo entirely, Giordano has been able to achieve a more streamlined and effective workflow that allows for faster pre-show troubleshooting and reduction in signal degradation and interference. With the unification of cables, Giordano correspondingly established a system of preventative maintenance for each set facilitating an improvement in sound quality and noise control, as well as no product failure.

“Working with cables and boxes from the same company to create my runs helps to avoid complex issues before they happen. It also guarantees a clean signal because you’re using identical chemical cable makeup and it creates a universal standard across the board,” adds Giordano. “I’m responsible for ensuring my artist’s set performs at the highest level and being able to guarantee that is one of the most important aspects of my job.”

On stage Breaking Benjamin’s other equipment includes the Axe-Fx II, Axe-Fx II XL and the Axe-Fx II XL+ preamps, the Sennheiser EM 2050 for instrument wireless, as well as the RJM Music Mastermind and Fractal Audio foot controllers.

Giordano adds that ProCo has been an exceptional company to work with and has developed a strong relationship with the band. “They treat their customers really well and genuinely pay attention to their needs,” he concludes. “It really makes a difference when a company is considerate and cares about artist relations; it’s how you build brand loyalty from the people who are using your products every day. We absolutely plan to use our ProCo cables for any upcoming shows or tours.”

The final show of the co-headlined tour concluded on October 19. For more information about Breaking Benjamin and upcoming tour dates, please visit:

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