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HDI | Delta H Design, Inc. Announces Westlake LC8.1 listening demos in ZR Acoustics® Room


[Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces the use of Westlake Audio speakers in their Marina Del Rey, CA ZR Acoustics® listening room.  For a limited time, Westlake LC8.1’s with dual 10’’ stereo subs are available for private listening sessions in a ZR Quantum Acoustics™ space with a dramatically large sweet-spot and Life-like Imaging.

Westlake Audio is the leader in Professional and Home Theatre speaker design and manufacturing.  Their legendary, professional speaker line has been used to record, mix, and master thousands of Grammy Award-Winning and commercially successful albums for artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Dave Matthews.  Founder and principal, Glenn Phoenix, is an iconic and legendary figure in the Entertainment Industry, having owned Westlake Audio Recording Studios, Westlake Audio Professional Sales, and Westlake Audio Speaker Division.  In addition to having designed all the rooms at the studio division of Westlake Audio and a multitude of studios worldwide, Phoenix designed Paisley Park Studios, the home of the legendary artist Prince. 

DHDI’s custom Quantum Acoustics™ space features a Custom Design Layout composed of ZR Devices from all three families of ZR Products:  Sample Rate Technology, Micro Technology, and Hybrid Technology.  Private ZR Acoustics® listening demos are available by appointment only. 

Gear and Technology currently featured in DHDI’s ZR Acoustics® Listening Room:

  • Westlake LC8.1’s with dual 10” stereo subs
  • BURL Orca B26
  • Bryston 3B Amplifier
  • Metric Halo LIO-8
  • ZR Acoustics® Sample Rates: SR8 Bit, SR24, SR12
  • ZR Acoustics® Micros: ZR Micro, MicroTwin, ZR Screen
  • ZR Acoustics® Hybrids: SR8+, SR24+

To experience a private ZR Acoustics® Listening Demo, please contact DHDI at [email protected].  If geographically challenged, you can experience ZR Acoustics© online at ZR Live!  Industry professionals interested in attending ZR Live! should contact DHDI at [email protected].

Information about Westlake Audio, contact [email protected], (805)499-3686 or visit

DHDI | Delta H Design, Inc.                        (310) 581-2331                                [email protected]