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The Hit House Celebrates its 10th Anniversary as One of the Country’s Top Original Music Composers for Movie Trailers, TV Commercials & Videogame Marketing:

Latest Movie Trailers Include "Pan," "Creed," "Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Road Chip," and "Jungle Book 2016"

Los Angeles, CA, October 12, 2015 – Ten years ago, South African Sally House, and her husband, South Hampton-born Scott Miller, joined forces in Los Angeles to establish a new custom music house. Today, The Hit House has firmly established itself as one of Los Angeles’s preeminent suppliers of original music for major motion picture trailers, TV advertising commercials, and videogame marketing campaigns for the top movie studios, brands, and gaming publishers in the USA.

Among the most recent, high-profile projects featuring original music created and produced by The Hit House are:

** MOVIE TRAILERS: Upcoming “Creed” and “Jungle Book 2016,” “Alvin and the Chipmunk Road Chip;” Recent: “Pan,” “Pixels,” “Ted 2,” “Ricki and the Flash,” “Big Hero 6,” “Minions,” “Spy,” “Frozen;” Recent Past: “Godzilla,” “Iron Man 3,” “Pacific Rim,” “Neighbors,” “Despicable Me 2,” “Bully,” and “Thor: The Dark World,” among others.

** TV COMMERCIALS: HBO, Google, Netflix, Playstation, Ubisoft, Yoplait, Porsche, Lexus, Target, Pop Secret, Pepsi, General Motors, Jell-O, The Ritz-Carlton, Honda, and Sealy.

** VIDEOGAME MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: “Taichi Panda” starring UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey-“Taichi Panda” is a free-to-play action dungeon crawler for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices featuring fast-paced action combat from Snail Games; SONY PlayStation4’s “Bloodborne,” Ubisoft’s “Toy Soldiers: War Chest,” “Godzilla” and “Firefall,” to name some.

The Hit House enjoys solid relationships with many of the industry’s leading music supervisors, trailer production houses, and advertising agencies. Here below are just a few client testimonials about the powerful impact that original music from The Hit House has made to their campaigns:

** Holly Hung, Patrick Buchanan, and Ian Shein of Ignition Creative, the Music Supervisors behind the wildy popular and award winning Netflix “Superfan” TV campaign starring Ricky Gervais, said, “When it comes to music, you know who you need to go to without hesitation. We heard the general idea of the Netflix spot, and we knew that The Hit House team would knock it out of the park. Not only are they experts in comedy (as well as in a variety of other genres,) but they were willing to make tweaks, create re-writes, and tend to our challenging, ever changing needs — all so the spot would turn out just as we had imagined.”

** Japhy Grant, Content Manager with WD Ventito, the hard drive manufacturer’s recently launched branded magazine/website presented by Petrol Advertising, said, “We’re all about providing insider access to business professionals, giving our readers insight into the creative process from various points of view. We selected The Hit House to be profiled on our site because they do such an amazing job of creating stunning musical work incredibly quickly and efficiently. Their company represents both a creative business and a family business, and they’re specialists in knowing how to tell compelling stories through sound and music. The Hit House is the perfect example of a company that is able to illustrate how creativity and technique can be melded perfectly, and work in unison, to create from scratch an entirely new piece of content designed to move people’s emotions in various ways.”

** Craig Crawford, the Team One Advertising Group Creative Director behind a recent TV campaign designed to launch the Lexus NX, said, “The Hit House brought this spot to life with music and sound design that set the mood for the dramatic launch of the new Lexus NX. They did an incredible job for us once again. Our collaboration with them is yet another reason we value such talented and dependable partners.”

** Regarding “Hunt You Down,” the original Hit House song behind SONY’s “Bloodborne” PlayStation4 game marketing, Joe Granados, JVP and A/V Director with Petrol Advertising, said, “This assignment could only have gone to the talented team at The Hit House. The campaign behind ‘Bloodborne’ had to be remarkable in every way, since it is a major initiative for our clients at PlayStation. In keeping with the tone of the game, The Hit House simply ‘killed it’ with this terrifying new song.” 

** When Angel Mendoza, Music Supervisor at AV Squad, needed a powerful, emotionally moving track for the trailer promoting the film “Bully,” he called The Hit House. “I knew The Hit House would bring the right emotional quality to the trailer. Their remarkable track record was only part of it. I also knew that Scott Miller would be inspired by the subject matter, and would deliver a track that truly captured the poignancy of this important project.”


A native of South Africa, Sally brings her vast marketing and branding experience to The Hit House. She started her Los Angeles career in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather, before transitioning to the client side as Director of Marketing for Kenwood USA and VP of Marketing for Clarion Corporation. 

In her role as leader of The Hit House, Sally initiated the creation of the highly successful FUNNY BONE, OFF THE RECORD, RE:ACTION, and SPHERES production music libraries. Tracks from these libraries have been used in a long list of movie trailers, television shows, and commercials. 

During the past two years, Sally and The Hit House have also been featured in numerous entertainment and music industry media outlets, including AdWeek, SHOOT, Pro Sound News, Variety, POST, PostPerspective, MIX Magazine, Creative Planet, Digital Pro Sound, Creative Cow, Trailer Music Vibe, Music Supervision Central, and many others.

In addition, Sally is a noted panelist and guest speaker, and has appeared at such industry gatherings as the Sync Summits in Los Angeles and London, NAMM, the Music Business Association, the Production Music Association, and others.


As a songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-Instrumentalist, Scott Miller serves as Creative Director of The Hit House. Scott is the soul of the company, and is responsible for the creative direction of every track written there.

An American born in England, Scott was raised in South Africa. After studying music at the Conservatoire of Music in Pretoria, he left South Africa to attend the Musicians Institute of Technology (MIT) in Los Angeles, where he was nominated as the most Outstanding Guitarist of the Year. He was named one of MIT’s “Most Outstanding Alumni” in 2015.

Scott co-founded The Hit House in 2005 along with his wife, Executive Producer Sally House. His music has appeared in trailers in motion picture marketing campaigns for the films “Pan,” “Ted 2,” “Godzilla,” “Big Hero 6,” “Book of Life,” “Frozen,” “Thor: The Dark World” and “Iron Man 3,” “Pacific Rim,” “Neighbors,” “The Hangover,” “Bully,” “Million Dollar Arm,” “The Zookeeper,” and countless other campaigns.

Scott has also scored commercials for Google, Netflix, Playstation, Porsche, Lexus, Target, Pop Secret, Pepsi, General Motors, Jell-O, The Ritz-Carlton, Honda, and Kettle Chips, to name just a few. He was also a featured panelist on a standing-room only panel presentation entitled “How to Get Your Music Into Film and TV” during NAMM 2015.

Using his talents as a songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Scott oversees every chord, note, lyric and overall creative direction of every track written and produced by The Hit House.


A premier, multi-award winning, custom music and sound design company in Los Angeles, recent work from The Hit House has also been used in national and global television campaigns for clients such as Netflix, Google, Playstation, Lexus, Jell-O, Porsche, and The Ritz Carlton; in motion picture campaigns for the upcoming films “Creed” and “Jungle Book 2016,” and for the recent films “Pan,” “Ted 2,” “Ricki and the Flash,” “Godzilla,” “Big Hero 6,” “Book of Life,” “Frozen,” “Thor: The Dark World” and “Iron Man 3,” among many others.

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