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Imogen Heap Chooses Dangerous Music and Focal

New Album Tracks Debuted at Private Listening Sessions Using Focal Twin6 Be Monitors and Dangerous D-Box

Edmeston, NY – July 9, 2009 – In a joint announcement today Focal Professional and Dangerous Music announced that Imogen Heap has just finished a preview tour of her upcoming album ‘Ellipse‘ at private listening sessions around the US using Focal Twin6 Be monitor speakers and the Dangerous D-Box for monitoring control. RCA Records organized the listening tour and worked with Dangerous Music and Focal to create the high-fidelity playback system that was used in hotel suites in major US cities to preview several tracks from Ms. Heap’s upcoming album.

The British singer-songwriter-producer and two-time Grammy nominee is set to release her much anticipated new solo album ‘Ellipse’ on August 25th 2009 on RCA Records. At the listening events Ms. Heap previewed tracks including “First Train Home,” “Wait It Out,” “Earth” and the piano song “Half Life” which ends the album ‘Ellipse’ as its final track.

Commenting on the listening events, Ms. Heap said, “I was a bit nervous as it was the first time I’d played ‘Ellipse’ outside of the studio environment. But as soon as I played it through the Dangerous Music and Focal speaker system I realized I had nothing to worry about.”

SPIN Magazine covered one listening party at a penthouse suite in New York’s Gramercy Park Hotel ( where they described the event as “an intimate listening session…where guests sipped glasses of gin-spiked sangria” while Ms. Heap used her laptop with the iTunes visualizer on to play music from her upcoming album through the hi-fi audio system.

The Dangerous D-Box has won multiple recording industry awards for its innovative design and sonic purity. Engineered for the compact digital recording and mixing environment the D-Box integrates seamlessly into the modern workflow of computer musicians and audio professionals who require exceptional audio quality and functionality. Bringing together a collection of key features garnered from other Dangerous products, the D-Box has an integrated programmable monitor control section, providing analog and digital input selection and speaker switching. It also sports 8-channels of the world-renowned Dangerous Music analog summing technology, as well as an on-board 24 bit/96KHz D-to-A converter, talkback, dual headphone amps with individual volume control and more.

The Focal Twin6 Be monitors are the most popular of the Focal Professional range, as they are a single solution for recording, mixing and mastering. The sonic image precision, treble definition and midrange neutrality are at the heart of its reputation. Excellent articulation of the bass and mid-bass registers, even at very high sound levels, makes it a perfect reference for engineers who require absolute transparency. The design of the Twin6 Be allows a high SPL while offering a stable tonal balance. One of the two 6.5″ woofers works in large band (midrange – bass) whereas the other reproduces from 40 to 150Hz. This creates bass that preserves all the signal dynamics, without any masking effect in the midrange, keeping its neutrality and transparency.

Maintaining one of the biggest online profiles, Ms. Heap has more than 40 million plays and over 350,000 friends on Myspace, and over 7 million views on You Tube for her standout single from ‘Speak For Yourself.’ Visit Imogen Heap’s website at:

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