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IsoAcoustics New ISO Series Line of Acoustic Isolation Stands for Pro Audio Speakers and Subwoofers Now Available Worldwide

Markham, Ontario (May 23, 2018) —IsoAcoustics is pleased to announce that their latest line of acoustic isolation stands, the ISO Series, designed for professional audio speakers and subwoofers, is now available worldwide. The new models, which include the ISO-130, ISO-155, ISO-200 and the ISO-200SUB, feature a new contemporary design, a lower profile and all new isolators – offering the acclaimed acoustic isolation performance that the company’s multiple award-winning legacy stands have become famous for.

The new, modernized full line of ISO Series stands build upon the success of IsoAcoustics renowned L8R Series stands, offering marked acoustic isolation and performance for the clearest and most accurate sound possible.

Like their award-winning predecessors, the new ISO Series of stands for studio monitors are adjustable, providing 14 variations of height and tilt so that the user may easily optimize speaker placement and improve their performance. First in the new line is the ISO-130, which is specifically designed for small to medium-sized speakers and studio monitors up to 20 lbs./9kg. Next, the ISO-155 stand for medium to larger sized speakers and studio monitors is designed to support up to 40 lbs./18 kg. And for larger speakers and studio monitors, the ISO-200 supports up to 60lbs./27.2kg. The new ISO-200sub, providing superior isolation to bring out the real “punch in the bass” for more accurate sound, can support subwoofers up to 75 lbs./34 kg.

The new stands feature a lower profile design, enabling speakers to have a low stance, (atop a meter bridge, for example,) while enhancing their clarity and performance.

“We are pleased to announce that the new line of ISO stands is now available, which will compliment pro audio speakers and subwoofers to deliver unprecedented sound clarity and openness,” says IsoAcoustics’ CEO Dave Morrison.

IsoAcoustics new line of stands provides a very aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective means to markedly enhance the sound clarity and transparency of studio monitors and subwoofers, using the company’s patented design that decouples the speakers from their supporting surfaces.

IsoAcoustics new ISO line of stands is available at your local retailer in more than 70 countries. MSRP for the stands is as follows (U.S. Dollars): ISO-130, $109; ISO-155, $129; ISO-200 $189; and the ISO-200SUB, $75.

About IsoAcoustics Inc.

Since its founding, IsoAcoustics has become the leader in acoustic isolation solutions for the Professional Audio and High Fidelity communities with their award-winning range of products. IsoAcoustics’ solutions are used in leading studio, stage and home settings across the globe by top Grammy-winning producers, engineers and musicians, as well as in world-class facilities including Abbey Road and the Boston Symphony.

AlI IsoAcoustics products are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows speakers have optimum performance, resulting in authentic, clear uncolored sound.

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