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Waves Audio Director of Creative Innovation Jack Joseph Puig to  Give Keynote Address at Knowles Intelligent Audio Conference

Multi-GRAMMY® Award-winning producer/mixing engineer/technologist Jack Joseph Puig will give keynote address highlighting the current and future direction of voice and audio processing for connected devices

KNOXVILLE, TN – On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, the Knowles Intelligent Audio Conference, in conjunction with IOT World 2018, will feature a keynote address by Jack Joseph Puig, multi-GRAMMY® Award-winning producer/mixing engineer/technologist and Director of Creative Innovation at Waves Audio, a global leader in audio DSP technologies. Part of the morning sessions in the Santa Clara Convention Center, Grand Ballroom E, 5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054, the presentation will be titled “Voice and Audio Processing for Connected Devices” and will take place from 10:45 – 11:15 a.m. PDT.

Jack Joseph Puig is renowned in professional circles as a platinum award-wining record producer, inventor, technologist and outspoken advocate for high standards in professional and consumer audio. His diverse background puts him at the nexus where consumer electronics, professional audio technology and a music executive and content creator all meet, making Mr. Puig uniquely qualified to offer his perspective on the current and future direction of voice and audio processing for connected devices and how technology has evolved and what that will mean in the future.

“Until recently, current consumer electronics products have been driven by industrial design rather than by audio design, creating a sub-standard listening experience,” stated Jack Joseph Puig. “I am now intimately involved with the leading electronics companies in their product development, as there is a trend of consumers demanding a better audio experience due to the massive awareness of sound quality that has been driven by the acceptance of the personal assistant. Finally most companies now recognize that audio is a key feature set for the products they are developing. Ultimately as an audio expert, it is my responsibility to share my knowledge as a record producer and technologist to help these companies create products that provide the best audio they can, regardless of size and form factor.”

In conjunction with IOT World 2018, the Knowles Intelligent Audio Conference brings together system OEMs, H/W developers, S/W developers, ecosystem partners, application developers, industry analysts, venture capitalists and the media for a comprehensive educational event covering technical and market developments in the connected-audio space. Learn about the latest advances in voice and audio processing, low-power wake words, contextual awareness, investor trends and developer tools. Experience hands-on demos by the leading ecosystem providers.