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Krotos Launches Krotos Studio Pro: Advanced Tools With AI Integration for Professional Sound Designers

Edinburgh, Scotland, July 8, 2024 – Krotos announces the launch of Krotos Studio Pro, the latest addition to their flagship AI-Powered custom sound effects software. This new version offers advanced features and extensive customization designed to meet the demands of high-level post-production projects.



Krotos Studio Pro introduces several key enhancements over the standard version. Users can now access ‘Edit Mode’ to import their own sounds as well as modify existing Krotos Studio presets. The Pro version also allows for the design and saving of custom presets, integration of personal sample libraries, and the creation of unique tools for high-speed sound design. These capabilities are essential for sound designers, post-production editors, and SFX artists who need adaptable tools for specific project requirements.

Key Additions to Krotos Studio Pro:

  • Edit Mode: Provides further control over the audio engine, allowing users to configure performance controls and design interactive presets for various use cases.
  • Integration of Personal Sample Libraries: Users can add their own sounds, integrating their personal sample libraries into the Krotos Studio engine for a tailored sound design experience.
  • Multiple Sound Modes: Supports sampler, granular, and reformer modes with up to 16 engines, facilitating detailed and dynamic sound creation. Users can build custom audio engines for versatile sound design and performance.
  • High-Speed Workflow Customization: Enables users to drag and drop hundreds of parameters into custom performance templates, significantly speeding up the sound design process.
  • Multi-Channel Output: Supports multi-channel output (10 x Stereo outputs), enabling efficient management of complex soundscapes.
  • Creation and Saving of Custom Presets: Users can build and save their own Krotos Studio presets, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of their sound design workflow.
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These enhancements meet the needs of professionals requiring advanced control and flexibility in their sound design tools. By building on the fast workflow established by Krotos Studio, the Pro version improves efficiency and equips users to achieve professional results with ease and precision.

Krotos Studio Pro is ideal for a broad range of sound design professionals, including post-production sound editors, mixers, and SFX artists in film, TV, and video game production. Its advanced tools and extensive customization options support creative boundaries and the creation of unique, personalized soundscapes.

Tony Gibson, a Sound Designer who has worked with BBC, Disney, Amazon and many more has been using KS Pro as a tester for a while and had the following to say “Krotos Studio is a fast and intuitive tool for creating incredible sounds. Its extensive and ever-growing library of sounds and presets has made it one of my go-to plugins for sound design. With the release of Krotos Studio Pro and its new feature allowing users to create their own presets, the possibilities are truly endless. This enhancement is a game-changer in the world of sound design.”


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Flexible Integration and Compatibility
Krotos Studio Pro can be used as a standalone application, allowing users to drag and drop performances and recordings directly into the timeline of post-production software like Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer. Additionally, it functions as a VST/AU/AAX plugin in most digital audio workstations, such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Reaper. It is also compatible with DaVinci Resolve’s Fairlight tab, offering seamless integration for various workflows.

Rob Lough, Head of Growth at Krotos, says, “Our focus has always been on advancing our tools to offer the best sound design solutions. Krotos Studio Pro exemplifies this commitment by providing the nuanced and customizable control essential for professional productions.”


Monthly Subscription – ​ 34.99 USD

Yearly Subscription – 279.92 USD (33% Savings)

The Pro version is now available for download. Users can access a fully-functional 7-day free trial, and existing users will receive upgrade credits. For more information and to subscribe, visit the Krotos Website.

About Krotos
​With a mission to change the way people perform with sound, Krotos is the innovative technology company behind the award-winning Dehumaniser, Reformer Pro, Weaponiser, Igniter, and Concept 2. Krotos’ AI-powered software allows sound professionals and content creators to perform and customize sound easily, saving hours of editing time and allowing them to focus on creativity while injecting more fun into the process. Krotos’ award-winning software has wowed Hollywood and the video game industry and has been used in blockbusters like Game of Thrones, Avengers, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Terminator, Star Trek, Frozen and Stranger Things.