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— Partnership reflects similar philosophies on craftsmanship and quality —

MELVILLE, NY, April 27, 2010 — LÂG Guitars has exclusively chosen Elixir® Strings to outfit their acoustic steel string guitar models. LÂG Guitars made their U.S. debut in January 2010 with the unveiling of the all-new Tramontane line of acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars. Based in France, LÂG has been making high quality guitars for over 25 years under the guidance of master luthier Michel Lâg Chavarria.

In explaining the decision to select Elixir Strings, Michel Chavarria said, “Elixir Strings stay in perfect condition for a very long time with no rust, no loss of tone and warmth, and no decrease in sustain. Even after a while, you still have the feeling of playing with brand new strings. Our Tramontane guitars always sound as good as the first day you string them, even

weeks or months after.�

Established in 1995, Elixir Strings began providing a string with long-lasting tonal qualities. In addition to its long life span, the popular string brand was also chosen by LÂG for its high quality, and most importantly, a tone that complements that of the Tramontane series guitars. Chavarria went on to explain: “Our guitars always have warm and deep tones, mellow mids, together with a round and precise bass, thanks to our very unique construction. Elixir Strings bring another step into the high notes: perfect precision without being aggressive, and without bass loss. This is unique. You can play soft or hard, and your playing attack style – with a pick or with your fingers – always catches the perfect nuances. In fact, the Elixir Strings are the most valuable addition to a good guitar – after your own playing!�

Named for a seasonal wind in southern France, the Tramontane (Trah-mon-tahn) line includes both steel string and nylon guitars. LÂG Tramontane guitars are distinguished by their use of fine woods, quality craftsmanship and finishes, beveled or “softened� bindings and proprietary preamp/pickup systems.