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Martin Audio CDD Installed At Tangled Roots Brewery Restaurant

The newly built Tangled Roots Brewing Company includes a complement of Martin Audio CDD speakers for balanced, even coverage throughout the venue.

Ottawa, IL––Encompass AV recently deployed CDD and a range of other Martin Audio speakers for the newly built Tangled Roots Brewing company, a complete gut and remodel in a historic building site that includes a high end restaurant/bar with a performance space alongside a brewery, adjoining tasting room and private meeting spaces.

The Lone Buffalo restaurant on site specializes in “slow food” from the Brewery’s own farm with a variety of home crafted beers and has a small stage for local country, classic rock, bluegrass, acoustic reggae and roots artists.

To effectively provide background music for the restaurant, Tim Pickett and the Encompass AV team mounted 12 Martin Audio CDD8’s around the walls complemented by two AQ210 subs under the booths. Live performances benefit from a Martin Audio PA consisting of two flown XD15’s and two CSX218F subs above the stage.

Asked about both systems, Tim explains, “Background music sounds great with very smooth, balanced coverage throughout the room. The live system is working well too. Super stable, doesn’t feed back and responds well with all kinds of music.”

The tasting room, located next door to the restaurant, is equipped with 10 Martin Audio C6.8T in ceiling speakers along with two CSX212 subwoofers in the front and back of the space.

Upstairs, 12 CDD6 and three CSX212F subs for the 2nd floor restaurant and 6 CDD6 plus one CSX212F for the private dining room are all mounted in the rafters to provide effective yet visually unobtrusive dispersion of background music. Again, Tim comments, “It sounds great in both rooms, with plenty of clarity, definition and very smooth, balanced coverage.

The rest of the sound system includes a combination of Lab Gruppen and Martin Audio amplifiers and Symetrix Radius digital signal processing. The video system is comprised of Philips BDL5530QL and Sony XBR-65X850C displays with a Just Add Power Network Video System.

Asked about the audio, Tangled Roots partner and managing director Scott Struchen comments: “I’ve been working in the hospitality entertainment business for over 20 years. Starting up a new brewery with a live entertainment venue, I needed to make sure everything was perfect. We only use the best companies and equipment. Encompass AV was the solution using the top of the line Martin Audio system in our venue. Using this system has created the best music venue experience in the area! Thank you for making our place exceptional Encompass AV & Martin Audio!”

Concluding, Tim adds, “CDD not only reduces the amount of boxes you need because of the wide dispersion, saving time and money for installs. The speaker produces perfectly even coverage patterns without the gaps horns create when you get closer to the speakers, and that’s a very big deal.”

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