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Miami, FL–The fifth annual “Unity in the Community” Celebration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was held, fittingly, the day before Barack Obama’s Inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, at Carol City Park in Miami Gardens.

A popular family-oriented event that is free to the public, the festival welcomed approximately 5,000 people with children’s rides and attractions, and a concert featuring an eclectic mix of artists including comedian Larry Dogg; Rappers Piccalo and DJ Khaled (President of Def Jam South and local radio personality); Miss Kimmy; R&B artist Casely; CrossOvah; Caribbean Music Farm, and local gospel groups such as Unspeakable Joy and Marian Terry.

The dynamic local production company, Drummer Boy Sound, Inc., headed up by Harold Cummings, provided audio for the event. A proponent of Martin Audio, Harold has recently purchased a number of the company’s LE1200 monitors as an initial step to a complete Martin setup.

As he points out, “I’ve been buying more of the LE1200’s, trying to get up to eight or ten monitors. For now, I want to feature the monitors as much as possible because they sound so good.â€?

A smart and practical businessman in these uncertain times, Cummings explains, “I’m a young dealer and times are hard. I’d love to go out to be using a whole Martin Audio rig, but I’m building it up gradually because I want to be one of the sound companies still in business when the recession turns around.â€?

In terms of the show itself, Cummings comments about the LE1200’s performance are pretty self-explanatory: “They sound ridiculously amazing. To me, they are the best monitors I’ve ever come across with everything a monitor should have. The differential dispersion horn is amazing. You can walk away from it and it still sounds as loud as when you’re close up to it.

“We also used a Midas Siena console for the monitor system and the preamps worked really well with LE1200s, making them sound even cleaner and fuller.

“And the monitors look good too. The guys who work with me can’t get over how the connectors are under the speaker and how light it is. Bottom line, it’s a strong, powerful-sounding speaker. My stage was louder than the house. In fact, my engineer could hear the stage from 70 ft. away!â€?

For more information, please contact: Rob Hofkamp, Director North American Operations at 519.747.5853 and [email protected], or visit