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Martin Audio Installed in Guerra’s Bachata Rosa Restaurant

Martin Audio CDD is used extensively throughout Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra’s Bachata Rosa restaurant to enhance the musical and gastronomic experience of this unique venue.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic––Sound Video Lighting of Santo Domingo recently installed a full complement of Martin Audio CDD speakers in Juan Luis Guerra’s popular Bachata Rosa restaurant as part of a comprehensive AV upgrade.

Guerra is a Dominican singer, songwriter, composer, and producer who has sold over 30 million records and won numerous awards including 18 Latin Grammys, two Grammys, and two Latin Billboard Music Awards.

According to SVL’s Jonathan del Villar, “The restaurant has six zones including the terrace with two Martin Audio CDD5s, two CDD12 and one CSX112 sub. The main dining salon is equipped with two CDD12, one CSX212 sub and four C4.8T ceiling speakers for a special VIP area with lower ceilings. Bachata Rosa dining, the thematic area with a small stage where all the decoration and ambiance is based on Juan Luis Guerra’s music and career, has four CDD12 and two CSX212 subs.

“For the entrance, a hallway that recreates a street of the old Santo Domingo city, there are five buildings with different themes, each with a CDD5. There’s the ‘guagua’ (bus) room, based on one of Guerra’s big hits, “La Guagua,” that you have to go through to enter the thematic area of the restaurant with two CDD5 in a separate zone and a player always playing a loop made by Juan Luis with background from the original song recording. The six bathrooms are equipped with four C4.8T speakers as well. Power was provided by eight iKON iK81 10kw 8-channel power amplifiers.

“For the design and distribution of the speakers in the different areas,” Jonathan explains, “we used Ease Focus v3 to make predictions. We did the whole system setup process with Martin Audio’s VU-NET 2.1, where we used the CDD presets from the library, also through VU-net we were able to work system settings like EQ, Delay, Phase, etc. directly on the amps. All measurements were made with a Smaart Live V7 Steinberg audio interface and Earthworks M30 mic.”

Asked why Martin Audio was chosen for the project, Jonathan adds, “because of the level of quality and prestige of the brand, considering that this restaurant is thematic of one of the most important artists of Dominican Republic, likewise the system had to be at the highest level.

“The final result using Martin Audio was impressive, with good integration of the system in the different areas, the dispersion and coherence of the excellent sound and the incomparable quality. We are very pleased with the result and very grateful to our client for the trust placed in Martin Audio, considering that this is one of the first establishments of this type in installing the brand in the Dominican Republic.”

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