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Martin Audio Monitors Black Enterprises Show For ASR ProEvents

Orlando, FL––This year’s Black Enterprises Golf and Tennis Challenge event at the JW Marriott in Grande Lakes was capped off by a special concert featuring Wyclef Jean, Biz Markie, Chico Debarge and Chrisette Michele.

Audio was provided by Orlando’s ASR ProEvents and according to Pro Audio Manager Sergio Leenen, “the variety of acts on the same monitor system can be a challenge, especially in a corporate environment. Knowing the different types of music and volume levels, we suggested the Martin Audio LE1200 wedges for this event. It will handle everything from the lowest of lows from a synthesizer to highest highs from world-class performers like Chico Debarge or Wyclef Jean.�

The actual monitor system consisted of 16 Martin Audio LE1200 and two LE2100 monitors strategically deployed on stage, along with a Yamaha PM5D-RH console, Crown Macrotech and MC2 power amplifiers, plus dbx


Asked about the reaction

to the Martin Audio monitors, Sergio added, “With positive feedback from all the artists and production staff in regards to the sound and volume of the box, we knew we made the right choice. FOH engineer Michael Droke had worked with the LE1200s in the past so he was comfortable with what was on stage and didn’t have to worry about too much noise spilling into the main PA territory.

“The LE1200s made the experience pleasurable for everyone and provided plenty of headroom and great sound,� Sergio concluded, “yet had a small enough footprint to fit into a corporate gig and still look nice. All the band members liked the sound of their mix and the client was happy that there were no giant wedges on the stage. With awards and speeches happening on the same stage, discretion was key but clarity, power and radiance was the extra ingredient from the LE1200’s. ASR has used them on several occasions and we wanted to stick with the best.�

Photo: Wyclef Jean band

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