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“Mastering Mastering in LA” Featured at Winter NAMM TEC Tracks

Featured at this year’s Winter NAMM TEC Tracks is the “Mastering Mastering in LA” panel at the Anaheim Hilton adjacent to the Convention Center.
“Mastering Mastering in LA”
Friday, January 17, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Hilton, Level 2, California Ballroom A

Join exceptional LA mastering engineers and learn how a dedicated mastering engineer in a professional studio can make a significant difference in the making of commercially successful music. This panel of experts will share their perspectives on their craft and offer insights and advice to artists, producers and engineers. Topics include How to Communicate with a Mastering Engineer, Headphones vs, Speakers, Mixes vs. Stems, Loudness and Levels, Automated Mastering, and Tips and Tricks Are All in-the-Mix.

A mastering engineer brings fresh ears to project completion in an accurate listening environment, and essential is the specialized gear designed for processing full mixes for distribution in various formats from CD and vinyl to streaming services.

Moderator: Jonathan Wyner, Berklee College of Music, M Works Mastering
Mastering Engineer Panelists:
Warren Sokol, United Recording
Jett Galindo, The Bakery
Evren Goknar, Capitol Studios
Scott Sedillo, Bernie Grundman Mastering
Peter Doell, Aftermaster Audio Labs

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