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Megatrax Celebrates Black Music Month by Offering Clients Curated Playlists of Tunes Written by Black Composers

North Hollywood, CA, June 14, 2021 — Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary as one of the leading independent production music libraries in the world, Megatrax is celebrating Black Music Month by offering clients curated playlists of tunes written by many of the Black composers the company proudly includes within its roster.

According to Megatrax executives, Black composers have added depth, soul, expression and culture to the famed Megatrax music library. One only needs to review the music that makes up today’s Billboard charts to see Black originated sounds and traditions are highly prominent and range from Hip-Hop and rap, to rock & roll, rhythm and blues, sacred music, and everything in between.

Says James Clarke, Director of Marketing, Megatrax, “In his 2016 Proclamation, President Barrack Obama said that Black music and Black musicians have helped the United States of America ‘To dance, to express our faith through song, to march against injustice, and to defend our country’s enduring promise – of freedom and opportunity for all.’ We couldn’t agree with that sentiment more strongly.”

To explore music from a selection of Megatrax’s Black composers, please click on these names below:

Marcus Bell:

Karlos Farrar:

Gerald Harbour:

Danielle Hollis:

Owen Hunte:

Chris B. Harris:

David Sparkman:

Kwesi Thomas:

Play J. Stevens:

To explore Megatrax music of Black origin, please check out these playlists:

Black Music Month:

Black History Month:

World Day for Social Justice:

Heart of Africa:

And to hear Megatrax’s featured Black Music Month playlist, please check out:


Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, Megatrax is a leading independent production music library and custom music house serving the broadcast and media industries. Renowned worldwide for its commercial-quality recordings and award-winning composers, artists and arrangers, Megatrax offers 19 distinctive catalogs comprising over 200,000 tracks in every musical style and genre.

Founded by composers Ron Mendelsohn and JC Dwyer in 1991, Megatrax offers its global clients “Greatness Through Simplicity”. The company maintains state-of-the-art recording studios in Los Angeles, and offers custom scoring services for all media as well. Megatrax’s libraries, tracks, and composers, artists and musicians, are constantly elevated to excellence by the talented creators who craft exceptional content on a daily basis from every corner of the world.

Throughout history, creators have always used incredible tools when producing the works of art that inspire and challenge the world. Michael had his Air Jordans; VanGogh had his impasto; Jimi had his Stratocaster; and the global multi-media industry has Megatrax. The executives at Megatrax – creators themselves – have one goal in mind: to marry simplicity with greatness, so that the right track can be delivered perfectly, every time.

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