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Megatrax Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary With a Massively Improved Website, New Logo, A Renewed Brand Mission, and a New AI-Powered Music Search Platform Called “Simpli”

Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary as one of the leading independent production music libraries in the world, Megatrax has introduced a massively improved website, a new logo, a renewed brand mission, and a newly developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered music search platform called “Simpli”. The announcements were made today by Megatrax President and Co-Founder Ron Mendelsohn.

Two years in the making, the new Megatrax website puts the creative music user at the center of the story. Spearheaded by James Clarke, Megatrax’s Director of Marketing (who joined the company from Universal Music Group in 2018), the reinvigorated Megatrax brand represents significant forward momentum in its 30-year evolution as exemplified by the company’s new tagline: “Greatness Through Simplicity”.

With a new sophisticated aesthetic, the refreshed Megatrax brand has entered a new era with its newly launched, simplified website and music search platform. These efforts mark the pinnacle of the company’s investment in its future. The new AI powered music search program represents the future of music searching – and the future is simple – or, rather ‘The Future is Simpli’. According to company executives, the days of a music supervisor, filmmaker, or home studio content producer spending hours trawling through thousands of tracks trying to find something that sounds like the reference they are seeking, are over. Simpli can now do all of that hard work for them.

Driven by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Simpli has the ability to analyze any audio reference and then deliver the closest matches to the seeker – in just seconds – from the legendary Megatrax library of over 200,000 plus tracks. The process is remarkably simple – the seeker can just drop a YouTube link in the search bar at the top of every page of the new Megatrax website, or he/she can upload an audio file by clicking on the cloud symbol. Simpli will “simply” do the rest.

To view a video about the new Megatrax website and rebrand, please CLICK HERE

To view a video about Megatrax’s new AI Search Assistant, Simpli, please CLICK HERE

Regarding today’s announcements, Ron Mendelsohn said, “We are thrilled that after two years of extraordinary work by teams around the world we are now able to launch our new website and rebrand. Our new website represents the largest and most ambitious initiative in our company’s 30-year history and promises to be a game changer for the entire production music industry. Throughout our history, we have consistently been a leader in innovation and new technologies. Our new site is the latest and most important manifestation of that legacy, and we are so excited to finally be able to make it available to our clients in helping them to spark their creativity and provide a soundtrack for the world’s content.”

Adds James Clarke, “We based our brand overhaul on extensive market research and client interviews, with the outcome being our new brand mission ‘Greatness Through Simplicity”. Our goal is to offer a modern, seamless and intuitive user experience through every step of the music search and discovery process. Our new website is much more than just a cosmetic overhaul – the platform offers powerful new functionality, including a vastly improved search system and AI-based audio matching search technology. We rebuilt our entire system from the ground up, creating an extensive new granular taxonomy, and re-tagging every track in our massive library. These innovations will go a long way toward fulfilling our core mission – to help our clients find the right track quickly and effortlessly.”

About Megatrax:

Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, Megatrax is a leading independent production music library and custom music house serving the broadcast and media industries. Renowned worldwide for its commercial-quality recordings and award-winning composers, artists and arrangers, Megatrax offers 19 distinctive catalogs comprising over 200,000 tracks in every musical style and genre.

Founded by composers Ron Mendelsohn and JC Dwyer in 1991, Megatrax offers its global clients “Greatness Through Simplicity”. The company maintains state-of-the-art recording studios in Los Angeles, and offers custom scoring services for all media as well. Megatrax’s libraries, tracks, and composers, artists and musicians, are constantly elevated to excellence by the talented creators who craft exceptional content on a daily basis from every corner of the world.

Throughout history, creators have always used incredible tools when producing the works of art that inspire and challenge the world. Michael had his Air Jordans; VanGogh had his impasto; Jimi had his Stratocaster; and the global multi-media industry has Megatrax. The executives at Megatrax – creators themselves – have one goal in mind: to marry simplicity with greatness, so that the right track can be delivered perfectly, every time.

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