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Moncler 0utlet as the automotive repair

The car is an important carrier of a modern city, and is driven by the driving force of economic development of a region, Moncler 0utlet as the automotive repair industry, is the of city driving force motor maintenance division, maintenance division as a car repairman, a comrade have every reason to proud. Recent times since the company vehicle maintenance, supply of spare parts, service.

infrastructure construction and the company’s overall construction in an outstanding position, through a series of strong measures to promote the extraordinary development of the company building, made very spectacular results. However, the control of the pace of development of advanced Brothers Service Station, control Cheap Moncler Jackets of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, the economic and social development situation, control the wishes and requirements of our customers, there are still not a small gap. We must remain sober-minded, unified “three kinds of knowledge.

First, our infrastructure investment in not much more, but the intensity is not big enough. Since last year, we invested a total infrastructure funding of $ ****, the implementation of a maintenance depot, store renovations and a number of projects such as the area of ??the overall business of the company is now extended Moncler Jackets to *** square meters.

Some time ago I visited *** (address) in the last year alone, it is investment in infrastructure funds ** $ ** square meter area of ??operations. The face around the race to speed up the situation of the urban construction, we must not have any hesitation in urban construction investment and the slightest concern, worry resolutely get rid of complacency and fear of difficulty thinking, driven by the cities large scale expansion capital inputs, and promote the company effective large-scale development.

Second, our company’s overall competitiveness is not Moncler Online strong, but the advantage is not prominent. Now, the competition between the various units of the car maintenance industry is increasingly concentrated on the technical strength and competitive service attitude, these two is an important part of the company’s competitiveness, directly determine the overall prospects for the development of the entire company .

Recent years through the construction and operation of all aspects of our business and constantly improve the economic carrying capacity continues to increase, but the overall look, the operating framework has not been fully opened, just supporting existing infrastructure, the operating environment was initial improvement, still can not meet the needs of rapid development of the company. We must firmly grasp the technical strength and service attitude two aspects not relax, to further increase the operating Moncler Jackets Outlet efforts, enhance the absorption of the company, aggregation functions and external attractiveness, enhance market competitiveness.