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New ‘Coast Mastering’ Opens as Expanded Facility in Berkeley

Moving the historic traditions of SF's Coast Recorders into the future, Michael Romanowski expands his business to 3 mastering engineers and a new Berkeley facility in the 'Fantasy Studios' complex

Berkeley, CAOctober 26, 2015 – Mastering engineer Michael Romanowski has launched a new facility in Berkeley, California with the new name Coast Mastering. Along with mastering engineer Piper Payne, the company had expanded, adding the archival, restoration and mastering expertise of engineer Jessica Thompson. While mastering apprentice Drew Zercoe rounds out the four-person staff. The custom-built mastering rooms will be offering both analog stereo and surround mastering. Acoustic tuning for the new studios is being done by Bob Hodas, and the facility will feature Focal monitors and Bricasti converters, among other top equipment, throughout the three studios.

While many insiders view aspects of the music industry as declining, Romanowski is optimistic, “There is plenty of great music being made throughout the world-we have many international clients-and the Bay Area is still a central location for an extremely diverse collection of solo artists, bands, and game and film makers, we feel they all deserve a full service mastering facility with proper room acoustics and speakers, and the highest quality analog outboard gear. We are expanding because we believe in the future of the music business and its need for the highest quality mastering services.”

“We are carrying on the legacy of my previous San Francisco studios, Michael Romanowski Mastering and Coast Recorders, and taking it into the future with our new name Coast Mastering, while also bringing the same aspects of audio quality, community, and a love of music into our new facility,” Romanowski adds.

The new Coast Mastering facility is located at the corner of 10th and Parker streets in Berkeley within the grounds of the renowned Fantasy Studio complex. The area has easy parking, a great restaurant scene, and is easily accessible from San Francisco, Marin and all points in the East Bay.

Michael Romanowski, the Grammy-nominated owner of Coast Mastering, has mastered music in the San Francisco Bay Area since his move from Nashville in 1994. He is a Trustee of the San Francisco chapter of the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), and is on the National Producer & Engineers Wing Advisory Council.

For more information on Coast Mastering and Michael Romanowski please contact the studio via email at [email protected], call the studio at (510) 984-0554 or visit their website at:

PHOTO: The new Coast Mastering crew in Berkeley, CA, Drew Zercoe, Michael Romanowski, Piper Payne and Jessica Thompson (left to right)

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