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Newly Released ALIBI Toolkit Lets Music Supervisors ‘Trailerize’ Any Track

‘Trailer Drum Overlays’ is an industry-first album of BPM-driven overlays in numerous drum types for use in creating TV, film and videogame trailers.

ALIBI Music, a leading provider of music and sound effects for the film, television, streaming, advertising and videogame industries, is giving music supervisors a powerful new toolkit that will help them “trailerize” any track without busting their budgets. The industry-first album – “Trailer Drum Overlays” – features 10 different drum types in a host of BPM options for easy syncing. The result is an extra oomph, energy or weight that transforms most songs into music readily usable in the trailers for TV series, films and games.

“Personally, having been a music supervisor before, I know the jam you can be put in when a client’s budget doesn’t match the expensive-sounding trailers they want,” said Julia Trainor, ALIBI’s Head of Sync A&R. “With our release of ‘Trailer Drum Overlays,’ we’ve created a toolkit that makes it both easy and economical to give tracks that remix feel. This album, combined with the ability to search for any SFX or music stem by key, can really help music supervisors and editors beef up a song.”

ALIBI Music’s “Trailer Drum Overlays” is a toolkit that will help music supervisors “trailerize” any track without busting their budgets.

Learn more about the new album and listen here:

Trailer Drum Overlays (10 tracks, 410 audio files, Listen)

A toolkit of percussive, rhythmic drum cues designed to allow editors to enhance existing tracks and give them extra energy and impact. Supplied in a range of tempos (almost every bpm), these can be used by editors to stylize and trailerize most any song. The simple yet effective drum tracks feature punchy kicks, huge claps and trailer drums making them suitable for any number of purposes, from TV and sports promos to film and game trailers or sizzles.

A drum overlay from ALIBI’s new album has already been used in a trailer for the highly anticipated 10th and final season of The Blacklist.