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NYU’s New Facility Goes Dangerous for 10.2 Surround Monitoring

Custom ‘Monitor ST/SR’ Controller Brings 10.2 Surround Monitor Control to Prestigious University

Edmeston, NY – December 7, 2009 – Dangerous Music, Inc. today announced the installation of a unique 10.2 surround monitoring system for NYU’s Department of Music and Performing Arts at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. The 7500+ sq. ft. recording studio and teaching complex was recently completed on the entire sixth floor at 35 West 4th street in NY’s Greenwich Village, and will be one of the U.S.’s largest and most technically advanced audio teaching facilities. The new complex was designed by Gensler and by the Walter Storyk Design Group and features a Dangerous Music Monitor ST/SR 10.2 surround monitor system, oversized control and live rooms, a large iso/drum booth, natural light from multiple windows, and line of sight through the entire studio.


are very proud to be part of this amazing new facility at NYU,” says Bob Muller, Dangerous Music’s founder and president. “NYU and their design team came to us because in addition to our equipment’s reputation for sonic excellence, the Dangerous Monitor ST/SR system’s flexibility accommodates even the most advanced surround monitoring setups, while still being simple and intuitive to use.”

The Music Technology program at NYU Steinhardt is internationally recognized for music, sound and audio technology studies. Students prepare for successful careers in sound engineering, computer music, audio-visual production and post-production, mastering, scoring for film and multimedia, audio for games, software development, and multimedia production. State-of-the-art facilities include fully equipped recording and computer music studios, listening rooms and research labs where over 40 Music Technology specialization courses are taught. The new Storyk designed recording studio and teaching complex will add to the unique and technologically advanced capabilities available for students at NYU.

Dave Kotch, Project Engineer for the new NYU facility, who regularly works with the Walter Storyk Design Group and the systems integrator Masque Sound, stated, “We needed a 10.2 surround controller and our choices were very limited, it’s a sophisticated system here at NYU. The Faculty at NYU suggested Dangerous Music, so we contacted them and had a meeting of all the technical staff on the project and laid out the parameters to design the exact monitor control we needed. The Monitor ST/SR really worked out well, everybody is really liking the way it works and integrates into the other audio systems. Since the SSL only has 5.1 surround we need this piece to make everything work with the Crestron control system and BSS  Soundweb processors for 10.2. The Dangerous gear is well respected among the NYU Faculty, and they are very happy about the integration into the system.”

The Dangerous Monitor ST/SR is the centerpiece of the most flexible, open-ended monitor control system available. The cutting-edge configuration created for NYU provides input and speaker selection for 12 channels of audio, with stepped volume control. The Dangerous Music digitally controlled analog stepped attenuators provide repeatability as well as transparency of sound with extremely high accuracy across all 12 channels, with a passband of 1 Hz to 100KHz. The system offers uncompromising audio quality for control of 5.1, 7.1, 10.2, and other surround speaker configurations. NYU’s system is made up of 1 Monitor ST stereo unit and 3 Monitor SR surround expansion units, a UniSwitch module in the Additional Switching System rack, and the Monitor ST Remote control. The UniSwitch communicates via RS-232 with the in-house Crestron control system of 2 BSS  Soundweb London BLU-160 processors to provide amazingly flexible speaker arrangement settings instantaneously, right from the Monitor ST remote.

The Monitor ST is a fully expandable remote control-based stereo monitor controller and source switcher with four stereo inputs and switching for 3 pairs of speakers plus dedicated subwoofers, and includes integrated cue and talkback systems with an onboard 40W headphone power amplifier. With the cat-5 connected remote control unit, included with the Monitor ST, engineers can configure and control an entire system from the comfort of the studio’s sweet spot. Studios working in stereo can start with the Monitor ST and later expand to surround sound control of 5.1, 7.1 and beyond for film and TV work by adding SR expansion units with no equipment redundancy or obsolescence.

NYU has scheduled a special dedication and opening on December 7, 2009 for the new facility. Please contact NYU Public Relations facilitator Tim Farrell at (212) 998-6797 or email him at [email protected] for more information. NYU is located at 35 West 4th Street, New York, New York 10012. Explore the NYU music program here:

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