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Omnison Supports Formula 1 Grand Prix

BUENA PARK, Calif. (July 13, 2017)—The Canadian Formula One Grand Prix 2017 at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal is one of the best-attended motor sports events in the world. Few places embrace their Grand Prix weekend as enthusiastically as the Canadian city of Montreal. Again this year, sound company Omnison (Quebec) provided NEXO and Yamaha gear for various locations along the route for the June 9-11 F1. 300,000 people were on site during the entire weekend.

            NEXO systems were used everywhere. A main GEO D cluster covered the three public grandstands, a ground-stacked GEO T system was used for the rear grandstand, and a GEO S8 was used for the podium and paddock. A second GEO S8 system and RS18 Ray Sub was used for the live action on the Monster stage. A compact speech reinforcement system of NEXO ID24 and ID S110 was used for Sebastian Vettel and for Lewis Hamilton as well as the other F1 stars in the interview room. The bleacher area consisted of a GEO D and GEO T. A GEO S8 and Yamaha TF1 Digital Audio Console were used for the podium, and

8 NEXO ID24 speakers and two Yamaha QL1 Digital Audio consoles were used for the pressroom. For the VIP reception area, Omnison provided 8 PS15 R2 speakers, 8 PS8s, 8 LS18s, and two Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Consoles, all devices running on Dante network. 

            “Since 2009, I have used a Yamaha M7CL-ES console with three SB 168 stage boxes using Ethersound, states Guy Vincent, Sound Engineer for the F1 Grand Prix of Montreal. The system was connected onto a 4.2 kilometers optical fibre network around the racetrack, feeding the PA in different stages.”

             Vincent also said that what he likes most about NEXO products are the tone of the speakers. “My role at the Grand Prix was to make sure the commentators voices were clear, no matter which box we were using (GEO T, GEO D, GEO S, STM). The voices flowed perfectly as well as the covering; the systems are simply magical. At Omnison, we trust NEXO and Yamaha products for true source and reliability.”

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