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OnChain Music Announces its Artist & Label Roster and Releases its (MUSIC) Token for Trading on Uniswap and Pancakeswap: Company Helps Artists, Bands, Singer/Songwriters, DJs and Musicians Earn Royalties on the Blockchain

Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 2021 – OnChain Music, a company designed to help artists, bands, singer/songwriters, DJs and musicians earn royalties on the blockchain, has released its artist and label roster. Concurrently, the company has just released its OnChain Music token (MUSIC), which is now officially live and trading on UniSwap and PancakeSwap. The […]

Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 2021 – OnChain Music, a company designed to help artists, bands, singer/songwriters, DJs and musicians earn royalties on the blockchain, has released its artist and label roster. Concurrently, the company has just released its OnChain Music token (MUSIC), which is now officially live and trading on UniSwap and PancakeSwap. The announcements were made today by Ben Kopec, OnChain Music’s CEO and Founder.

In addition, OnChain Music has just launched its new Road Map, which outlines its timeline for upcoming developments; published a White Paper on Blockchain Music Distribution and Digital Asset Management for Musicians written by Kopec (to read, CLICK HERE); and is currently also working on new staking opportunities, which will allow people who stake the $MUSIC token to earn more tokens.

For a complete list of the artist and label roster distributed by OnChain Music, please CLICK HERE

In just the past eight months, blockchain music platforms have created entirely new royalty streams for music artists, but, according to OnChain Music executives, many musicians don’t understand the mechanics of digital assets. Therefore, large numbers of musicians are not collecting as many of these royalties as could be made available to them. Pursuing and keeping track of multiple blockchain music aggregators and royalty collections can present a lot of challenges. Technical hurdles can create frustrations for the user, and tasks such as metadata management and digital asset (including cryptocurrency) management can be very time-consuming and overwhelming.

OnChain Music was established to provide products and services to help bridge the gap between musicians and their blockchain royalties. By facing these obstacles head-on, the company has the expertise to remove the burden musicians often face when dealing with technological barriers, management of content distribution and digital assets, and collection and disbursement of royalties. OnChain Music oversees and manages these aspects so artists and musicians can continue to focus on their creative passions – making music itself.

Regarding the launch of his new company, Mr. Kopec said, “At our core, we believe in helping musicians generate new streams of revenue and maximizing royalties for our artists, bands, composers, singer-songwriters, DJs, and musicians of all types. We operate with the idea that we shouldn’t make any money unless our artists are making money. Therefore, our business is designed around a revenue sharing model. After collecting money from our clients, such as music aggregators, we retain a small fee and then remit the rest to the musicians. Our goal is complete transparency – we share all available metrics with our musicians. When possible, we connect to blockchains and pull in relevant data so that our musicians can see the same information we see.”


OnChain Music was conceived to expose musicians and artists to the reality of earning digital assets utilizing blockchain technology and connecting directly to their fans, providing the foundation for a decentralized internet that will benefit musicians and their fans. This decentralization will empower artists, bring them closer to their followers, and allow them to earn multiple revenue streams. Musicians will earn a higher royalty rate, as compared to traditional DSPs, through the sale of NFTs and distribution of music to blockchain platforms.
OnChain Music stands at the forefront of the music industry’s future and wants musicians around the world to know that if they are ready to create their own personal ecosystems in which they, their fans and their income streams can be interwoven, then those artists should investigate all that OnChain Music has to offer them.


The new OnChain Music token is a hybrid cryptocurrency combining characteristics of being a utility, governance, and revenue share token. People who either hold or stake will have access to OnChain Music’s Revenue Share Program, voting, snapshots, airdrops, NFTs, and more. Artists signed to OnChain’s roster also have the potential of increased royalty payouts. OnChain is not doing an ICO or pre-sale. The $MUSIC token does not inherently have any value and one should do their own research before making an investment.

The OnChain Music token is now officially live and trading on UniSwap and PancakeSwap – the ticker is MUSIC.

Steps to buy the $MUSIC token on Uniswap:
1) Buy Ethereum (ETH) on an exchange, like Coinbase, or Voyager Digital.
2) Transfer the ETH to a browser wallet, for example, MetaMask.
3) Go to, and connect to MetaMask.
4) Go to the token page at, and click “Uniswap.” This will direct one to the correct token pair. Then one will be able to sell his/her Ethereum for $MUSIC.
The ERC20 token contract address can be accessed HERE:

Steps to buy the $MUSIC token on PancakeSwap:
If one is already using the Binance Smart Chain, then he/she most likely is already familiar with buying and selling crypto. Go to the token page at, and click “PancakeSwap.” The BEP20 token contract can be accessed HERE:


Artists signed to the OnChain Music roster have embraced the benefits of the company’s expertise. Among their testimonials to OnChain’s effective use of the blockchain:

Smiz the Moneykid: “Distributing my music with OnChain has been a great investment for my career. I’m making good royalties from the blockchain sites, and it’s fun to be part of something so revolutionary.”

Rijan Archer: “Entering into a new way of distributing my music with OnChain has been an amazing experience! It’s been awesome working with Ben Kopec and his insight & transparency to support artists. His outlook & expertise on future, new generation music streaming platforms are paving the way to generate more royalties for artists around the world.”

Abbey Scott: “I like that I can directly engage with my fans and offer them the opportunity to own a unique NFT that represents my specific brand. Working with OnChain Music allows me to focus on staying creative while exploring the possibilities of earning royalties on the blockchain!”

BJ Sam: “I am so mesmerized and grateful to have my music on blockchain platforms. Any artist who is not using OnChain is missing out. They paid properly and promptly and brought my music career to limelight. I can’t imagine recording new music without distributing it with OnChain Music.”


Launched by Ben Kopec in 2019 in Los Angeles, OnChain Music exists to help artists, bands, singer/songwriters, DJs and musicians of all types earn royalties on the blockchain. This is achieved through music distribution and the sale of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The founders of OnChain Music understand the difficulties of keeping up with emerging technologies, such as blockchain. They face these challenges head-on so that OnChain Music artists can continue to focus on their creative passions.

Kopec and his team believe that musicians should be paid more for their music – he and his fellow executives are all music lovers and empathize with the daily struggles faced by those trying to survive in today’s highly diversified music industry. The OnChain team stands on the front lines of new technologies and fights to protect the financial interests of the artists on their roster.

OnChain Music provides the distribution of its artists’ music to blockchain music platforms; the company helps to create NFTs and lists them for sale; OnChain Music manages artist accounts and collects all streaming royalties; concurrently, the OnChain Music team prides itself on its prompt customer service, 24/7.