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Percussionist with the Stars Picks TELEFUNKEN

"Dancing With The Stars" percussionist Roland Gajate-Garcia and his bandmates typically learn and rehearse as many as twelve songs in a day.

Matched Pair of AK-47s Captures Roland Gajate-Garcia’s Versatility

Pictured is percussionist Roland Gajate-Garcia with his matched pair of TELEFUNKEN AK-47 MkII tube condenser microphones.

“Dancing With The Stars” percussionist Roland Gajate-Garcia and his bandmates typically learn and rehearse as many as twelve songs in a day. The musicians work with skeleton charts that might indicate bass or keyboard parts, but rarely include specific percussion patterns. As a result, Garcia must be consistently imaginative and very flexible, providing a clear sound for the program.

“I have to come up with new instrumentation and sounds all the time,” says Garcia. “And being a hand percussionist creates more of a sonic variety than only playing with sticks. I’m loving my new pair of Telefunken AK-47s — they provide a unique clarity and warmth that always helps to bring my music to life.”

Roland Gajate-Garcia is renowned worldwide as a dynamic and versatile multi-percussionist and drummer. In addition to his work with the “Dancing with the Stars” house band, his recent credits include the 65th annual Emmy Awards band, “The Voice,” and three years with the “American Idol” house band. Garcia has performed and toured worldwide with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan, Diana Ross, Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, Patti Labelle, and Frankie Valli.

“I am asked to come up with an incredible diversity of sounds,” Garcia continues. “My new Telefunkens really help bring out the subtleties that define each of my instruments. Whether it be the silkiness of my softest shaker or the crack of my loudest hand drum, I’m sure to have all my bases covered.”

TELEFUNKEN’s AK-47 MkII is a microphone with superior high frequency detail and a rich, full low-end response. The remote pattern selector, located on the power supply, provides 9 different polar patterns, giving the user a variety of choices to record the source sound in the way that will best complement the production.

Gajate-Garcia was born and raised in Los Angeles and is the son of renowned percussionist/teacher/inventor from Puerto Rico, Richie Gajate-Garcia. He earned his bachelor’s degree in music at California State University at Northridge, has taught world wide clinics including the world famous PASIC drum convention, and has also taught at the Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena.
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