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Practical make-up method of using mac eyeliner.

Practical make-up method: before with eyeliner eyeliner eyeliner parts rub points loose powder, not only even out skin tone, but also to prevent the eyeliner smudges; waterproof mac cosmetics wholesale  eyeliner can be used in drawing the eyeliner choose the same color eye shadow powder, drawn eyeliner gently swept layer, so also can prevent eye makeup paste off; draw a good eyeliner with a cotton swab slightly at the end of eye at the sweep, allowing mac cosmetics outlet eyeliner look is more natural. Eyeliner suitable for heavy makeup: If you want to create a beautiful sense of eye makeup, eyeliner best choice. Eyeliner to use smooth lines, clear, realistic effect, but not easy to blooming.

Mainly divided into two kinds of dipped and automatic texture smoother than eyeliner for like exquisite makeup sense of beauty.Practical make-up method: If you are the first to use eyeliner, choose nib is a little thicker products, hard bristles are more likely to help you draw the natural eyeliner bottle before use, be sure to shake; using Eyeliner , the way must be stable, less dipped in some liquid eyeliner, and would rather take a few times, to be close to the eyelashes painting; painted under the liner, easily smudges, and may wish to flutter loose powder to prevent the eyeliner smudged. Eyeliner In fact, the eyeliner is easier to use than liquid eyeliner, as long as you use special eyeliner is very easy to draw, and the lines drawn very smooth and docile to the natural effect than eyeliner.