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Production Music Association Announces Nominees and Winners of “Hall of Fame” and “Ambassador” MARK AWARDS for Excellence within the Production Music Community;

First MARK AWARDS event to be held September 9th at the DGA in Los Angeles

Hollywood, CA, September 3, 2015 – The non-profit Production Music Association (PMA,) the leading advocate and voice of the production music community, has announced the Nominees, and the winners of the “Hall of Fame” and “Ambassador” Awards, for the first Annual “Mark Awards” for Excellence in Production Music. The inaugural event will take place from 7-9 PM on September 9, 2015, at the Directors Guild of America headquarters in Los Angeles. 

Named in honor of the late Andy Mark, who was a music library owner and a founding member of the PMA, the Mark Awards will recognize the very best in production music in 17 categories. The first Mark Awards event will be held concurrently with the PMA’s Second Annual Production Music Conference (PMC,) which will also be held on Sept. 9th at the DGA. That event runs from 8 AM to 7PM. 

During the Sept. 9th ceremonies, Composer Gerhard Narholz, founder of Sonoton Production Music, will receive the first “Hall of Fame” Mark Award, while David Israelite, President & CEO of the National Music Publishers Association, will receive the first “Ambassador” Mark Award.

The Nominees for the 2015 “Mark Awards” are: 

Under the Category: Best Production Music Track

Best Ambient Track:

“40 Winks”/9 Lives Music

“Fingerprints”/Lalela Music Library

“From Ruin”/VideoHelper

Best Dance Track:



“What if Tonight We Celebrate What We Got”/Alibi Music Library

Best Electronic Track:


“Inhuman Trafficking”/VideoHelper

“Open Windows”/BWN Music

Best Hip Hop Track:

“Oh Yea”/Selectracks

“We the Light”/Firstcom Music

“What Made Me”/APM Music

Best Jazz Track:

 “Abracadabra”/Megatrax Production Music

“Bopology”/APM Music

“Chasing Shadows”/Omnimusic

Best Orchestral Track:

“Aeterna”/APM Music

“American Hero”/Omnimusic


Best Rock Track:


“Scare”/Warner/Chappell Production Music

“Truth Is”/Amphibious Zoo Music

Best Vocal Track:

“Comin’ For A Change”/BWN Music

“Half Alive”/Audio Network

“Slipping Away”/APM Music

Best World Track:

“African Gospel”/Lalela Music Library

“A Stroll in Pelourinho”/Megatrax Production Music

“Dancing Fire”/Manhattan Production Music

Under the Category: Best Use of Production Music

Best Use of Production Music In A Commercial Advertisement:

“Ascent To The Top”/APM Music

“Coyote Mischief”/VideoHelper

“When Dreams Come True”/APM Music

Best Use of Production Music In An On-Air Promo:

“Beethoven to the Fifth”/VideoHelper


“Slam Damager”/Manhattan Production Music

Best Use of Production Music In A Theatrical Film Trailer:

“Heart Attack”/Warner/Chappell Production Music

“It’s OK”/Audio Network

“Train of Life”/X-Ray Dog

Best Use of Production Music As Theme Song In TV Program:

“Into Battle”/Stephen Arnold Music

“They Can See You, But You Can’t See Them”/5 Alarm Music

“Welcome to Hollywood”/True Music

Best Use of Production Music As Underscore In A TV Program:

“All Up In Ya Earhole”/VideoHelper

“Negotiation Tango”/5 Alarm Music

“Sweet Melancholy”/5 Alarm Music

Best Use of Production Music In Full-Length Theatrical Film:

“Not Alone”/MidCoast Music 


The PMA assembled an independent group of industry professionals, culled from executives working within TV networks, ad agencies, promo departments, trailer companies, and licensing organizations, to facilitate the submissions, judging, and final selection of Mark Awards winners.


Founded in l997, the Production Music Association (PMA) is the leading advocate and voice of the production music community.  A non-profit organization with over 675 members, including music publishers, composers, and industry professionals, the mission of the PMA is to elevate the unique value of production music and to ensure the viability of the production music industry.

Headquartered in both Los Angeles and Nashville, the PMA strives to fulfill its mission by:

**Working with performing rights organizations, legislators, legal counsel and broadcasters in the aim of improving the reporting, monitoring, collection and distribution of performance fees and royalties for PMA members;

**Providing its members with a forum in which issues of common concern and interest can be discussed and decisions made;

**Educating its members and the marketplace about music rights and other issues affecting the production music community; and

** Enhancing the value of PMA members’ music through research, education and public relations.

For more information about The Mark Awards, please visit:  And… For more information about the PMA, please visit:

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