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Sanken Chromatic Video Series Features Ainlay, Filipetti, Massenburg and Seidman

Innovative Engineer/Producers Talk about Sanken Chromatic Microphones in Action

Innovative Engineer/Producers Talk about Sanken Chromatic Microphones in Action

Pictured clockwise from top left are George Massenburg, Frank Filipetti, Wesley Seidman and Chuck Ainlay.

Sanken Chromatic Microphones has launched a new series of videos with innovative engineer/producers Chuck Ainlay, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg and Wesley Seidman. In these short interviews they discuss the Chromatic range of professional studio microphones and how they are used to capture the sounds of a variety of instruments and vocals.

George Massenburg
Grammy award-winning engineer/producer, George Massenburg credits include, Linda Ronstadt, Herbie Hancock, Earth, Wind & Fire. Massenburg talks about his love of recording and capturing the reality and essence of a performance. “My objective is to capture the live sound. Right off the top, the Sanken CU-44X MK II with direct output is really one of the most amazing mics I’ve ever heard. It’s just better than any other condenser that I’ve used in my career. “

Frank Filipetti
Grammy award-winning engineer/producer, Frank Filipetti credits include, Rod Stewart, Elton John, James Taylor. Filipetti is based on the East Coast and records Broadway Shows, Classical performances and a wide variety of bands and artists. “If you’re recording digital, try out the new mics because I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with that lack of buildup in that high mid frequency that tends to make digital sound digital.

Chuck Ainlay
Grammy award-winning engineer/producer, Chuck Ainlay credits include, George Strait, Mark Knopfler, and Taylor Swift. Ainlay is based in Nashville and has recorded some of the best musicians in the business. “I have a couple of the new Sanken CU-55s, which I absolutely love. But the ones that just blow my mind, and they’re indescribable, are the CO-100K microphones. I actually don’t know why they sound the way they do, but they’re ridiculous.”

Wesley Seidman
United Recording Studios Staff Engineer, credits include, Brian Wilson, Carly Rae Jepson, Downset. Seidman has spent a lot of time finding the right mikes for a wide variety of vocalists and musicians. “The new microphones do something that the old ones don’t. More and more in the blind tests people are picking the dual-capsule CU-51.”

About Sanken Chromatic
The Sanken Chromatic range of seven professional studio microphones provide musicians, sound designers, engineers and producers with the ultimate set of pure, transparent sounding mics for a wide variety of applications. They are designed and meticulously engineered in Japan using the latest technology and include many innovative features. The result is a set of mics that have phenomenal frequency response, accurate off axis response, exact patterns, minimal proximity effect, low noise and high SPL tolerance. There are seven microphones in the range including CU-55, CU-51, CO-100K, CU-41, CU-44X MK II, CMS-2 and CUW-180. Sanken Chromatic mics are distributed in the USA and Canada by plus24.