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Sanken Introduces New COS-11D Lavalier Microphone

At NAB 2009, April 20-23 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sanken will introduce the COS-11D lavalier microphone, a new generation of the company’s popular COS-11 lavalier series. The groundbreaking new lavalier is designed to meet today’s HD audio standards while satisfying the concealment requirements of film, video and theater.

The new COS-11D is now available in all the colors (black, white, beige, and gray) and all models of previous versions, including the PT (pig tail) version with standard sensitivity and the Red Mark model with reduced sensitivity. Endorsed by Lectrosonics, Sony, Trantec and Zaxcom, the COS-11D PT incorporates exclusive design advances that deal with both digital and digital/analog hybrid RF wireless transmission.

Sanken uses an original vertical placement of the diaphragm for a much greater effective area within an extremely small casing. The COS-11D features a front mesh screen that is water resistant, for protecting the microphone against perspiration and cosmetics. In addition, the water resistant COS-11D is designed for outdoor shooting in foul weather.

Jim Pace, president of Sanken distributor plus24, remarks, “Focusing on the latest challenges in wireless technologies, Sanken has partnered with industry leaders to provide a unique solution for our customers. Sanken Microphones is pleased to announce this breakthrough microphone designed to minimize the instances where RF interference is an issue.”

Lectrosonics President Larry Fisher comments, “We tested the COS-11D and the new mic is flawless.” Zaxcom President Glenn Sanders adds, “With its immunity to RF interference, the 11D provides the audio quality that sound mixers have come to expect, and an integrated system that blends reliability with superior performance and quality.”

For info about Sanken, visit distributor plus24 at or call 323/845-1171.

See the entire line of Sanken microphones at NAB booth # N2914.