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Sonic Studio Engages Masters for 129th AES

a complete, vinyl to tracks software solution

Company Will Launch, Demo & Preview New Professional Solutions

San Francisco — For the 129th Audio Engineering Society Convention, the world’s professional audio community will converge on the Moscone Center for the latest developments in the business of sound production. Sonic Studio, LLC will be exhibiting, and will launch new products, demonstrate new releases, and provide a glimpse at future technologies of interest.

The company will stage public showings of two new items. A brief look at the summit highlights include:

• the release of PreMaster CD 3.3
• the announcement of Amarra VINYL 1.0
• on–site demonstrations of their entire product line
• off–site demonstrations of soundBlade & Quartet

During the convention, Sonic Studio will be exhibiting new updates to several of their products. Version 3.3 of PreMaster CDâ„¢ now includes a four topology form of Sonic EQâ„¢, complete updates to the Mark Info window, and extended handling of Broadcast WAV files. It also includes support for all common audio sample rates, allowing higher rate source files to create standard 44.1 kHz DDP file sets.

A new part of Sonic Studio’s Amarra family of ultra–fidelity audio playback applications, Amarra VINYL™ will be shown for the first time to the pro audio community. Amarra VINYL draws on the functionality of soundBlade and the ease of use of PreMaster CD and FixIt™ to provide a complete, vinyl to tracks workflow. It combines stereo recording, up to 192 kHz, with four full bands of Sonic EQ™, and a select set of easy to use tools from the award winning NoNOISE II™ restoration suite.

During the convention, Sonic Studio will be staging off–site demonstrations of soundBlade and Whole Grain Digital’s Quartet DynPEQ dynamic EQ mastering plug–in. Held at Michael Romanowski Mastering, engineers will have an opportunity to critically listen to and discuss soundBlade, Quartet and Amarra in an acoustically ideal playback environment.

Also scheduled for the conference is the popular Meeting of the Masters where, each day, show attendees are invited to Sonic Studio’s booth for coffee and conversation with Grammy Award–winning mastering engineers. This year, Michael Romanowski, David Glasser of Airshow Mastering, and Gavin Lurssen and Gabriel Wallach of Lurssen Mastering will be there to meet and discuss today’s challenges for audio professionals.

To learn more about any of the products mentioned and to see a Meeting of the Masters schedule, visit sonicstudio dot com on the web or, drop by booth number 1135 in the Moscone Center from November 5th through the 7th. To make an appointment regarding off–site demonstrations in a benchmark mastering environment, e–mail sales at sonicstudio dot com.

About Sonic Studio
Sonic Studio, LLC is the premier manufacturer of ultra–fidelity audio content creation and home entertainment playback systems. Sonic Studio’s workstation products include soundBlade, PreMaster CD, the Emmy award–winning NoNOISE II restoration software, and Series 300 audio interfaces. Sonic Studio products are in use at major studios, record labels, broadcast and post production facilities worldwide, while their Amarra Computer Music Player family sets the standard for high resolution playback in the home. Based in Marin County, California, Sonic Studio has an international network of distributors and channel partners who share their commitment to quality and service.

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