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Gullfoss Version 1.2.0 Now Even Faster

Visitors to AES last week were able to experience Soundtheory’sGullfoss 1.2.0. The new version features a 100% increase in CPU performance, resulting in double the number of instances of Gullfoss running at the same time while taking up the same amount of resources. Additionally, the developers have added support for higher sampling rates up to 192 kHz.

The intelligent EQ Gullfoss amassed high praise at AES. Comments such as “I love Gullfoss” were frequently heard. One of those commentators was Alan Meyerson, who told the team that he was their “greatest evangelist”. Meyerson is one of the great music scoring mixers for film, and who won a Grammy for his work on The Dark Knight.

Multiple Grammy-nominated record producer, songwriter, musician, and mixer Greg Wellsalso stopped by the booth to greet the developers of his go-to plugin Gullfoss. He later talked about it in his AES keynote speech, which he summarised on Instagram: “Talk about next level….. the Gullfoss plugin was 14 years in the making. FOURTEEN YEARS. It’s a formidable plugin that is modeled after the way the human brain perceives sound. It was a pleasure to meet the brains behind the software. And Rick Beato!!”

Gullfoss is nominated for this year’s Music Tech Awards for Best Innovation. Please vote here:

The Windows version of Gullfoss is expected later this year or early in 2019.

Price and Availability:
Gullfoss is available for EUR 159 / US$ 199 at