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Aiken, SC – January 2010… When it built its recently completed sanctuary, the South Aiken Church of God knew that a high performance sound system was essential. Music plays a vital role in the church’s contemporary Pentecostal services and, hence, solid music reproduction capabilities and a high level of speech intelligibility were considered top priorities during the design phase. After extensive evaluations, South Aiken Church of God selected a sound reinforcement system consisting of components from the TrueLine and Wave Series catalogs of Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio Technologies.

Orangeburg, SC-based Templeton Sound Systems, a firm that specializes in the design and installation of church sound, church video recording/multimedia, and church stage lighting, was contracted to handle the design and installation of South Aiken Church of God’s new sound system. Michael W. Templeton, President of Templeton Sound Systems, discussed the challenges of the project.

“South Aiken Church of God has very upbeat, vibrant services with lots of music,â€? explained Templeton. “Director Angie Murphy heads the Music Ministry Department, which consists of a 15-20 piece praise band, a praise team of roughly 7-8 voices, plus a 130-voice choir. This is an environment where the music really gets crankin’ – so the goal was to have a sound system that could deliver the high SPL (sound pressure level) performance everyone wanted without disturbing line of sight considerations or placing lots of distributed loudspeakers throughout the sanctuary. The space is roughly 108 feet wide by 80 feet deep with a balcony, with the pulpit/stage area facing into the width of the room. As a result, broad horizontal dispersion was a crucial consideration.â€?

To address these challenges, the church ultimately selected a system jointly penned by Michael Templeton and Hugh Sarvis, CEO and Director of Engineering at WorxAudio Technologies. The new sound system consists of a center cluster consisting of six WorxAudio TrueLine V8i-P two-way, high efficiency, powered line array loudspeakers with a single TrueLine 215S powered compact subwoofer at the top of the array. Suspended by WorxAudio’s innovative TrueAim™ Grid that utilizes a single, industry-standard schedule 40 pipe, the white-painted cluster presents a clean, streamlined appearance that blends seamlessly into the environment.

Dual WorxAudio TrueLine 218SS powered subwoofers—the company’s flagship sub bass enclosure—are positioned at the extreme left and right edges of the stage and are recessed into specially designed cubicles. “With the V8’s broad, 140-degree horizontal dispersion, the coverage throughout the room is terrific,� states Templeton. “Combined with the two subwoofers, this setup offers phenomenal low end and consistent performance no matter where you happen to be seated.�

For stage monitoring, Templeton and Sarvis deployed four WorxAudio Wave Series 12M two-way, high efficiency loudspeakers, powered by Face Audio amplifiers. Consisting of a 1-inch exit compression driver coupled to a 75 X 75 degree waveguide horn and a high-powered, twelve-inch cone transducer in a tuned enclosure, these floor wedges are augmented by a single TrueLine V8i-P enclosure mounted to the rear of the TrueAim Grid. This loudspeaker—not visible from the congregation—faces downward and serves as the choir’s monitor. A Yamaha M7CL 48-channel digital console resides at FOH (front of house), uniquely positioned at the rear center of the sanctuary and elevated twelve feet over the congregation.

With the new WorxAudio Technologies sound reinforcement system in place and operational, Templeton reports the new equipment is receiving rave reviews. “Everyone is very impressed with the clarity and natural-sounding music reproduction quality of the system,� Templeton said. “The WorxAudio setup delivers consistent sound throughout the sanctuary and offers plenty of headroom to support the most ambitious musical performances. When my clients are happy, that’s the best compliment of all.�

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