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“Trailerama,” Exciting New Entry from MusicBox’s On-Going “PromoBox” Library, Delivers High Impact, Percussive Music

MusicBox, a leading music production company that provides over 10,000 cuts from its original music catalog, as well as original composition and scoring, for television programs, promos, and commercials, is releasing “Trailerama,� as the 4th entry within the company’s on-going “PromoBox� library.

The brand new “Trailerama� contains a well rounded variety of massive sounding, percussive tracks. Like all of the other CDs within MusicBox’s “PromoBox� series, this new disc contains five sections, entitled “Trailer Drums,� “Time Keepers,� “Rocktronica,� “Percussive Design� and “Hits/Wooshes/Risers/Swells,� all with a distinctly trailer-friendly approach.

Said Joel Goodman, co-founder/composer, MusicBox, “Trailerama was produced by some of the top percussionists, composers and arrangers from both New York and Los Angeles, and has been designed to deliver the big impact and punch that modern trailers and dramatic promos require. Editors make a lot of this stuff from

scratch every day, but we’ve taken some of the legwork out of it, so that punctuating an edit (sonically speaking) only takes one track of audio from ‘Trailerama.’ We consider ‘Trailerama’ a ‘must-have’ addition to every editor’s sonic toolkit, because, with over 250 cuts to work with, an editor could easily cut scores of trailers utilizing just this one disc.”

“Traileramaâ€? is available via MusicBoxLIVE (online download system), MusicBoxUPDATE (online full CD download), MusicBoxDRIVE (local search system) and also as an Audio CD. To sample “Trailerama,â€? please visit HYPERLINK “ or call toll free at (866) BOX-0900 to request a copy of this CD or other CDs from the “PromoBoxâ€? series.


Launched in 2006, MusicBox’s “PromoBox” Library is comprised of an on-going series of CDs, with each disc holding multiple promo-friendly genres, all pre-cut for television promos, commercials and feature film trailers. Utilizing the “PromoBox” library, a producer will hold in his or her hands the ultimate musical tool they will need to provide distinct and impactful audio to their promos in any media.


Led by co-founders and composers Dan Stein and Joel Goodman, MusicBox provides all genres of music to network and cable TV programs, TV promos, major motion pictures, independent films, movie trailers, national advertising campaigns, and radio spots. The company’s library, comprised of five collections entitled “MusicBox,” “PromoBox,” “Cue,” “MusicBox Classics” and “Private Reserve,” culminate to provide over 250 premium quality discs, and over 10,000 musical tracks for the discerning film/television producer or editor.

MusicBox also composes, produces and records original themes, underscore, custom promo music and transitions that are unique and exclusive to each project, by calling upon its diverse staff of composers based in both New York and Los Angeles. The company also works with top music supervisors, popular artists and DJ’s to provide appropriate music for virtually any production genre.

For more information on the company, please see HYPERLINK “

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