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Industry veteran Andy Waterman chose Clarions after months of research and product demos

Los Angeles, CA (May 28, 2009) – Industry veteran Andy Waterman recently acquired a pair of Lauten Audio Clarion microphones for Umbrella Media Inc studios. After an extensive search for the right pair of microphones to meet his niche requirements within the Production and Recording studio industry, Waterman chose the Clarions for their unique characteristics.

“I have been a working music producer, mixer, recording engineer and musician for over 30 years. I feel like I’ve used literally every microphone ever made at some time or another in studios all over the world,â€? says Waterman, owner of Umbrella Media Inc. Waterman spent several months auditioning and demoing various microphones in search of the perfect addition to his multi-room facility. “Of course, I have immense respect for the masters of microphone technology of earlier eras, but Lauten Audio’s products are perfecting this legacy and refining the art form in significant ways.”

Lauten Audio began shipping the Clarions in October of 2008. “When we first started the sound design on the Clarion I felt it was our biggest challenge. We wanted to create a unique sounding microphone that went against the current trend of FET large diaphragm condenser microphones,â€? says Brian Loudenslager, founder of Lauten Audio. “The Clarion features unique characteristics like a +10dB gain switch in addition to a -10dB Pad, a uniquely tuned frequency response and even its own custom-designed windscreen that can be used in place of a pop-filter.”

“We specialize in music production and scoring including acoustic music, jazz, orchestral recording and vocal ensembles,� says Waterman. Waterman described how he recently used the mics on a very quiet ethnic music scoring session where the Clarion’s unique +10 gain option really brought a collection of Southeast Asian wooden percussion instruments to life.

“There is nothing out there that sounds like a Clarion, and it’s really rewarding to hear feedback from professionals like Andy Waterman who truly understand what we are doing,� says Loudenslager. “Andy and Umbrella Media have carved a niche within the industry, and Lauten Audio is doing the same. We are both offering something unique that no one else can touch.�

“The Clarion is clear and spectrally balanced with nice hi-end sheen and has spectacular low self noise. One additional attribute I really appreciate is the mic does not add sibilance to women singers which is really important in my work. Lauten is a brand that will win many converts in the future,� adds Waterman.

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