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White Dress, Green Wedding: Prompt, Your Special Day Nature

A few months ago, my sister was engaged. Since then, we have been busy planning a wedding, looking for the perfect dress, venue, catering services, invitation cards, as well as the obsession of all. Browse through wedding store and catalog, I noticed two things piling up: spending and waste.Romantic wedding is not exactly eco-efficient: only dress, enough food to feed half of Africa, guests from all over the shelf kilometers of natural gas worth your event. Marriage sin too numerous to mention.Fortunately, a little thought, you can make any bride or groom’s wedding colors of green one. Read some simple tips to make your big day bit more environmentally friendly.Remember the nature of the invitationThink about how many to invite you to send, and how you killed many trees in this process. Paper attempts to use your invitations and envelopes made of recycled materials. In addition, if you are not a high degree of tension about traditions and procedures, you can skip completely snail mail and send e-vites. Although there are many more casual, gestures, and more environmental awareness.The big wedding could mean big problemsWhen you think you’ll use what kind of invitation, you should also consider how many of you will be sent. I understand: It’s hard not to invite every aunt, uncle, cousin, two deleted, but the guest list for whittling two hundred to one hundred more than one way, you can benefit from. First, fewer people means fewer people need the Fed and the people less need to drive or fly to your wedding. Second, few people also means that a more intimate (and more romantic).Think of the relevant transportEncourage your guests in advance to arrange a car, or pick a place close to the train or bus station (the largest city sites). Consider the reach of the bride and groom the horse and buggy: green, but also a good wedding touch. Finally, try to choose a location close to where you live, at least in part, it will not only reduce transport mileage, but it will also have the possibility of inviting local guests.PonderMost of the wedding will leave guests and trash filled. In addition to way more food than anyone can eat for a day, weddings are usually also equipped with the meat, meat and more meat. Trying to impress your guests, rather than a few weeks to the dishes still will leave everyone feeling a lit dance with the flashy dining. Go to the organic food.Pay close attention to our Fake Gucci Wallet,you will become more and more fashion in the next time. And CHOP some meat dishes from the menu, your planet, your vegetarian guests and your wallet (good meat is expensive), will give you a heartfelt thanks.Something borrowed greenPrior to the wedding dress shopping, I do not know exactly how much fabric to use suction cups. The ball gown style dress can have up to ten (ten!) petticoats, 2012 cheap wedding dresses some clothes up to twenty or five pounds weight. Every bride wants her dress is very special, we need to face the truth: The wedding dress is quite common. You do not need customization, or even new clothes, but try to check the consignment store, find a dress. Dress, because they have not been worn, still in fairly good condition and any problems can be solved a good tailor.Require green giftsThis is very simple. Gift, you want to get your wedding day load, so might as well give the gift of nature, as well. Ask your guests to your favorite charities, or the requirements of environmentally friendly products. Check out the huge potential of the green list of good things daily green.Do not miss the super chance to take these elegant luxuries Replica Flats home.All in all, do not let your special day to be concealed and materialism. It is not your ceremony Swank; its choice to spend the rest of your life with your loved not hesitate,it is a good time to treat yourself better, Wholesale Prada Wallet are still waiting for you.insanejournal/25562.html