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Zaor introduces ‘Vision OS’, ‘Vision WS’ & ‘Vision KS’ to Expand Popular “Vision Series” Studio Furniture

The new black and white Zaor Vision “S” models are focused on a compact footprint with a moveable keyboard tray

Montreal, CanadaMay 5, 2020Zaor celebrates the immense success of its “Vision Series” studio furniture by expanding the line-up, offering its strengths in a more compact format. The new additions, Vision OS, Vision WS, and Vision KS, were designed as a direct reaction to customer requests. Straight lines, clear structure, modern black-and-white design – the Vision series by Zaor blends a reduced modern aesthetic with pragmatic efficiency. The simple yet refined shape and the open spaces invite creative thoughts to roam freely and provide a productive mind with plenty of room to develop. Creatives around the world appreciate Zaor Vision desks for their efficient use of space, purposeful features, and unpretentious work ethics. Zaor products are distributed in North America by Focal-Naim America.

The New Vision S models
The popularity of the Vision desks has spawned demand for more compact versions of the various models. With the ever-rising cost of living and commercial spaces, urban areas in particular call for pieces of furniture that provide a maximum of features at a small footprint while also visually enriching the environments they are placed in. The new models Vision OS, Vision WS, and Vision KS transfer the unique feel of the Vision series to a smaller form factor to allow for the realization of artistic visions even in small studios. The Vision OS offers a large uninterrupted surface area, while the Vision WS adds six slanted rack units for 19-inch equipment and a shelf for monitors and other equipment.

The Zaor Vision KS takes the concept of the Vision K and translates it to a smaller footprint: a keyboard stand on wheels that can easily be stored under a desk. When the keyboard is used, you can just pull it back out and freely place it in the room. This free placement also marks a decisive advantage compared to typical keyboard trays fixed to a desk as the player is not bound by the position of the desk. Another plus: when the desk is used for editing or mixing and the keyboard is not required, the Vision KS can simply be pushed to the side to free some legroom. The option to position a master keyboard or controller at four different heights further emphasizes the outstanding versatility of the Vision KS.

A specialty of the Vision series is the generous cable management. The cable duct provides ample space even for large setups, and can also be accessed through the triangular outlets in the desk’s sides. This makes it possible to combine multiple desks from the Vision line, connecting the cable management by simply putting them close together. Building custom setups from multiple adjacent working spaces or expanding a Vision WS with the large surface of a Vision OS is easy and quick to do. Realizing a personal vision is effortless.

The new Zaor Vision S models are also compatible with the larger models, of course, making it possible to use a smaller desk to expand a larger one. A Vision W with its nine rack units can thus be enhanced with the compact, yet deep surface of a Vision OS – or have its desktop rack capacity expanded by six more rack units, adding a Vision WS. Vision series desks can also be complemented by a Vision K or Vision KS to introduce an enormously versatile keyboard tray solution. For those who require a side rack, the Vision R provides good looks and an unusual construction that makes it stand out visually and technically.  

The new models Vision OS, Vision WS, and Vision KS are now available through Focal-Naim America. The MSRP for the Vision OS is $699.00 USD, for the Vision WS $799.00 USD, and for the Vision KS $299.00 USD.

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About Zaor Studio Furniture
Creating furniture for creative people with professional demands – that is the Zaor mission. Recording studios, video editing, graphics design, web development, and also in the listening room or for gaming – Zaor Studio Furniture combines technical finesse with visual style and innovative ideas. From classic studio furniture to modern designer pieces like the Vela series with its mono leg concept, the floating desk, and the colored lighting in the desk’s edge, Zaor always has the right furniture for office, studio, hobby, and sophisticated recreational activity. Selected materials, European manufacturing, clever solutions, elegant design – Zaor builds furniture that inspires.


About Focal Naim America
Focal Naim America (formerly Audio Plus Services) is a leading North American importer and distributor of premium consumer and professional electronics brands including Focal Professional, SPL of Germany, IsoAcoustics, Zaor, and Vicoustic. Based in Montreal with U.S. shipping facilities in Champlain, NY, the company has sales personnel located throughout the United States and Canada to professionally service their active roster of more than 350 specialty A/V and Pro Audio dealers. The company specializes in products and services for the professional audio and performing musician markets, as well as the home theater and custom integration (CI) market – both residential and commercial – for North America.

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