SLS RLA/3 Ribbon Line Array

SLS Loudspeakers introduced the RLA/3 ribbon line array speaker system at Winter NAMM 2004. 2/05/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

SLS Loudspeakers introduced the RLA/3 ribbon line array speakersystem at Winter NAMM 2004. The system is configured using multiplelightweight and compact LS6500 modules that use the company’sunique ribbon driver technology.

“The RLA/3 is basically a splayable version of our unique andpopular LS8695 Columnar Line Array, which is now being used byNBC’s The Today Show,” said SLS’ director ofmarketing, Jeff Lowry. “The RLA/3 shares many of the samefeatures and components of the LS8695, and arrives in the marketplaceat under $800 per module, making it one of the most cost-effective linearray solutions available to date.”

The LS6500, the basis for the RLA/3 line array, features a 100-wattRMS, 6.5-inch woofer and an SLS PRD500 5-inch planar ribbon diver in acompact bass-reflex trapezoid enclosure. The modules offer a frequencyresponse of 80 to 20k Hz and horizontal coverage of 110 degrees. All ofthe necessary rigging is included.

Equipped with a PRD500 planar ribbon driver that has extremely highoutput evenly distributed over its entire radiating surface, the RLA/3presents a coherent wave front that is ideal for energy transfer. Thegeometry of the array enables a virtually continuous line source to becreated. System performance can be accurately predicted usingSLS’ LASS CAD modeling program.

The low-frequency section provides a sensitivity spec of 94 dB (1W/1meter) with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. The system handles 100watts, yielding a continuous sound pressure level of 11 4dB with a peakperformance rating of 120 dB. The high-frequency section delivers 101dB (1W/1M) with nominal impedance of 8 ohms and handles 50 watts RMSwith a sound pressure level of 118 dB reaching 127dB peaks.

Weighing 20 pounds and enclosed in a 13-ply Baltic birch, blackNeverMar enclosure, the RLA/3 measures 7.25x14x10 (HxWxD) inches.

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