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Panelists Announced for Sound Editing, Mixing Series at Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television Event

Mix magazine has announced the sound editors, designers and mixers taking part in the expert panel series at Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television, to be held at Sony Pictures Studios on October 13, 2018.

Mix magazine and parent company Future U.S. have announced the sound editors, designers and mixers to appear on the popular expert panel series at Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television, to be held on host partner Sony Pictures Studios’ lot in Culver City, Calif., October 13, 2018.

The Mix Panel Series, which is presented in cooperation with event partners Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) and Cinema Audio Society (CAS), and sponsor Westlake Pro have become the centerpiece of the event, which began five years ago with an in-depth look at immersive audio. This year’s panels include:

  • Sound Editing for Animation: Pre-Production Through the Final Mix
  • This panel will discuss how sound takes the leading role in the creation of an animated project, from the pre-records used to create the visual animation of characters to the final soundtrack created completely from scratch to bring the visual story to life on screen. What are their workflows and creative thought processes? How do these processes and challenges vary from a typical live action project? We will hear from both feature and television sound supervisors and designers who have years of experience within the animation field. Sponsored by MPSE.

    Moderator: Carolyn Giardina, The Hollywood Reporter
    Panelists: Paul Ottoson, Geoffrey Rubay, Erik Aadahl, Tim Chau and Eileen Horta
  • Dialogue Mixing: The Audio Pipeline
  • More than ever, production sound mixers, editors and re-recording mixers must adapt their workflows to consider advances in technology. A panel of established production and post-production professionals explain how they work today, and discuss the way it was and their predictions for the future. Sponsored by CAS.

    Moderator: Karol Urban, CAS
    Panelists: Gary Bourgeois, Mathew Waters, Phil Palmer, Margit Pfeifer

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Previously it was announced that sound designer, technologist, musician and all-around audio manipulator Scott Gershin will deliver the keynote address, which will focus on the art of storytelling on the big and small screen amid developments in VR, gaming, film sound and television expansion.

Registration for the fifth annual event is open at

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