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Adamson Heads To Honduras HOW

CEAD, a church in Honduras’ capital city, Tegucigalpa, recently updated its audio system with Adamson SpekTrix speakers.

Tegucigalpa, Hondouras (June 29, 2011)—CEAD, a church in Honduras’ capital city, Tegucigalpa, recently updated its audio system with Adamson SpekTrix speakers.

CEAD (Centro Evangelista de las Asambleas de Dios/Evangelistic Center of the Assemblies of God) was founded 14 years ago; today, Pastor Miguel Montoya and his wife Jacky, oversee a church which seats 2,600 and holds up to 5,000 people, who gather at two weekly services.

The largely volunteer staff and Mr. Montoya have been worrying for a long time about the quality of their religious services, and have been planning to update their old sound system comprised of a few different brands of older conventional speakers. Given the limited funds available, they were very concerned about the overall budget of the installation. The staff also wanted to find a new use for the old speakers they had installed previously, and they’re now part of a mobile system used outside the church’s premises.

Daniel Fernandez, contract technical support at Adamson Latin American distributor All Music, coordinated directly with CEAD’s lead technician Fausto Bourdet to come up with a working, affordable design. Together All Music and Fernandez provided and performed the installation for the customer.

The new new system is comprised of two arrays, each made up of two SpekTrix 5° enclosures with two SpekTrix W 15° underhangs for the main left and right arrays, one center array of three SpekTrix with 3 SpekTrix Ws, and two separate clusters of two SpekTrix Subs in each to complete the flown mains. The splay in the arrays had to be calculated carefully using the Shooter in order to achieve coverage to the very far seats in the upper area and as much as possible under the balcony area, where the Point 8s would take over when needed. The main array design also had to consider a large glass railing spanning across the entire upper area, as the reflective surface bounces a lot of sound back to the stage. A total of five Point 8s are used as lip and front fills, and five more Point 8 cabinets fill under balcony. The Pastor was very concerned about the stage’s sound pressure and quality of the monitor system, and in order to fit the his needs, six M212s were chosen.

A set of eight Lab.gruppen FP+ Series 10000Qs and a single FP7000 power all the speaker cabinets. The signal distribution and processing is performed by the XTA, one DP448 controls the L/R Spektrix mains, while a second DP448 drives the SpekTrix center cluster, the front fills and the under balcony fills, a third processor drives the monitor system where three monitor mixes of a pair of M212s each are used.

Many volunteers helped during the installation; a lot wiring had to be run to the amp room which is located very far from the main area. In order to have more control and keep the amps under constant monitoring, a NomadLink network remote system from Lab.gruppen will be installed in the coming weeks.

Adamson Systems Engineering